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    Seasons change but the atmosphere remains the same on ISC.

    Many of us who have been long associated with this site have seen numerous members join and then leave this site. We are like witness to change for a long time. Many new members join with a lot of enthusiasm and only few are able to continue the tempo, rest fade away. Still, this site has been able to maintain its atmosphere of engagement, contribution, competition and discussion alive for so many years.

    Few reasons which I have seen that cause members to leave the site are as below:
    1. Many join with intent to earn fast are the first to leave, as this site is not a get rich quick formula.
    2. Many get engaged in jobs or studies with time and move on to their respective fields.
    3. Some members are unable to express themselves in English and find it difficult to get engaged and hence don't contribute.
    4. Some after learning from this site start their own ventures and get engaged there fully.

    There may be more reasons which senior members can throw light on or the editors who watch every thread closely know more.

    This site is witness to changing mood of members and many ups and downs but has remained calm as Buddha. What more reasons members can find to discuss the reasons for joining or leaving this website - ISC?
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    What I really understand is - The new members do not have patience to understand the site thoroughly. They are not willing to spend a few hours to work with ISC and understand the sections. I tried to connect many of my educated and intelligent relatives and friends with ISC, but failed. Like you said, they have an urge to earn quick money, and also lack confidence in their knowledge and the English language.
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    SuN sir you're right this is an amazing platform. People have'nt recognized it's potential, but this platform can easily rival Quora and wikipedia put together
    It's a company in it's own right. But just like any platform however amazing, you need to dedicate your time, expertise and knowledge, without hard work no job or experience is complete. It stands true for this platform too. This is not a get to rich scheme mates. This is an organization dedicated to empowering your poor souls and turning you into global citizens of world.

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    Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. This will apply to this site 100%. This will be true with any good organisation. An organisation should never depend on a single person. In such a case, the organisation will suffer in case something happens to the person. There should be a fall back arrangement.
    As mentioned by the author, there are many reasons for the people leaving. The major point is the money factor. People come here with very high expectations. When their expectations are proved wrong they may leave.
    Another reason is that this site is highly moderated and you can't write whatever you like. The editors will be going through the postings and they may be taking actions as required. You can't come here for time pass like a social site.
    People value their time with the money they got but never think about the learnings which will be more useful in our life. Unless otherwise, that mindset goes people may not sustain long here.

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    This is really a very interesting observation put up by the author about why people join ISC and why they leave it and things like that. Actually in internet there is no site where one can earn quick money. The reason is obvious that there are billions of users and millions of site. Most of them are mediocre and when a site cannot earn money for itself how it can distribute to its contributors. Moreover in the web, today the greatest issue is good content of high quality, and many contributors miserably fail there. Coming to ISC, it has made a presence in highly competitive area of education and career related matters and has a good data base of educational institutes, admissions, courses etc. Moreover the specific queries regarding educational and career matters are answered by some of the members in details and the student or person asking it gets a good information at one place. If you visit some other competitor's site you would find a difference in that aspect and ISC scores higher in that. People who have worked elsewhere will not leave ISC as they can compare it in a real perspective. The newcomers have no experience of these things and they are joining sites one by one and leaving them after a short time.
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    ISC is not asking anyone to join nor asking anyone to leave. It is left to the conscience of the members either to continue or shy away. Those who have niche to learn and share are always with us and I am seeing since 11 years that those who are not interested in earning are sticking here and those who join here for windfall earning would discontinue on seeing minimal earning. I do agree that for a proficient writer of articles, the amount paid here is very less but the way the ISC is transparent on this matter should convince everyone that if the money is not the matter then they can contribute and shine through knowledge enriching. Sometimes I feel baffled with some members who are compromising their sleep and sharing the content at mid night and proves that they are not for money but for gaining knowledge and sharing.
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    The reasons mentioned by the author for quitting ISC are absolutely right. The Forum is the most vibrant and lively section, where people can get engaged. But due to moderation by the editors and participation of intellectual people in the Forum, a mediocre mind cannot survive here. Other sections are only for information sharing, which people may or may not get interest.

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    ISC is slightly different from other portals in the sense that it emphasise on learning of a member through various contests, special contests etc. The moderation is a continuous process and if the members errs in their judgement of adhering to the policies and guidelines, they are immediately corrected. Such rigorous monitoring is not present in other places. So if one wants to stay here for long he would have to abide by the basics and then only he or she can enjoy the benefits here whatever are accrued to him in long run. Patience is a key to stay in ISC and flickering minds cannot survive here.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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