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    Temperature of the world is rising

    I remember that some 20 years ago we'd start wearing a sweater in September onwards till the end of the winter season but this latest September experienced us the heat of May and June. I assume for a moment what will happen if cold regions also become hot regions because gradually our world is getting warmer.

    Now the question is which factors are responsible for this big change in the world temperature. Natural variability may be responsible for this change in world climate
    but preponderantly it is human activities.

    The temperatures we feel locally can vary considerably because of predictable cyclical phenomena. But the world climate largely counts on how much energy the earth collects from the Sun and how much it emits back into space. The proportion of energy emitted by the Earth relies relatively on the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases but human activities are affecting this natural system of climate.

    Seriously, we need to realize this fact that it is the only planet where living creatures exist, increasing temperature of the planet will create a dangerous situation for human life. It's the matter of our survival and the generations to come.

    What do you think about this issue ?
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    This is the topic we discussed many times. The temperatures are very high. I think for the last five years I have not used a sweater in Hyderabad. But when I was in Dehradun this January I used to a sweater.
    All the days in Hyderabad are hot only. We are not able to sit without a fan or an AC. Today afternoon also, my granddaughter was asking me to switch on the AC for having a good sleep in the afternoon.
    As mentioned by the author, our actions are the only reasons for this situation. If this continues the country will become a big desert. The people are more interested in their comfort only. The AC may be making your room cool. But the gases that are coming out from this are spoiling nature. We never care about Trees. We will cut the left and right. We never plant at least one plant. These are the reasons for this change. The human being should understand the reason and try to behave more eco friendly.

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    It is very difficult to study and predict nature and its behaviour pattern and climatic changes. It is controlled by the creator of this universe. I do not believe in rising temperatures or global warming etc. Earth will see no destruction at any point of time. The earth will continue to rotate and the generation will take birth, live and die. It is a team of scientists who have something to say, to prove that they are performing scientists.
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    Global warming is an issue though some people feel that it is a hoax. There have been a lot of studies on this and so far no conclusive theory is there that we are going towards a very hot Earth soon where no life would be possible due to sun burning. Yes, there is a damage to the ozone layer and due to that the climate is affected. So many countries have taken measures to shut down carbon emission by resorting to newer technologies and it is said that slowly the carbon emission is reducing and we can hope that the ozone layers might come back naturally. It is felt that human modernisation has seriously affected the climate and it is a matter of concern and a lot of measures are being taken for protecting the habitat. So things are still in fluid stage as regards to this subject but it is always prudent to take care of our environment and not degrade it. By taking a good care of environment we may hopefully delay the global warming or may be able to avoid it.
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    When the rays of the sun enter the atmosphere, most of them change and dissolve in it and a very small part of it reaches the earth. In technical language, the bright rays of the sun are absorbed by the greenhouse of the atmosphere and the remaining part is sent back to space. The part which is Absorb in the atmosphere is sent to the Earth in the form of heat which increases the temperature of the Earth. But when the structure of this greenhouse changes which actually happening nowadays, due to some reasons, then this process also varies. As a result, the temperature of the earth also starts to change or increase, and this is the main reason that the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day.

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    It is the fact that the temperature is on the rise and this season the nature seems to be confused as we have undergone three seasons in a single day. That means, rain in the morning, summer in the noon and chill during the night. Now the October month has started and we still feeling the heat in Hyderabad. By this time the rainy season should continue and batter the state. But rains come in series of days and then vanish and gives rise to heavy heat from the next day. Even the animals are confused over the change of climate every day. Due to this change in climate,the children, the elders and even the youth are getting affected with viral fewer and that is wrong diagnosed as the covid. Nevertheless we have to be careful and understand the standing pattern of the nature and adjust with its vagaries.
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