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    You tube, women and self-employment

    After the lockdown, one can notice that there is a big class of women entrepreneurs. This should be welcomed by all. Every single day, I get new videos on my mobile in several languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and even Bengali, apart from English. This new class of women comes out with various versions of the same dish.

    Take for example, the stuffed brinjal dish. The way it is prepared in Tamil Nadu is different from AP. When one tries out the different recipes, one is stumped by the innovation. The beauty of al this is that the AP recipes come in Tamil too.

    This should be welcomed. One understands that every woman makes money. Even here, there are branded women, who have already become very famous through the television channels. Their youtube channels have only made them more famous now. Yout tube is doing the biggest service to the nation. Let such women come out with more creative stuff as well.

    It is not that only women are into this game. The son is a BCA graduate. Noting that his father had a skill of producting some good mouth watering non-vegetarian food, the son took him to Youtube. The father, though uneducated, is now an Icon. He is not from Chennai, but from a village near Tiruppur, the well known textile hub of India.

    May their tribe increase day after day...
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    It is a great initiative that people are looking for different methods of earning their livelihood amid the crush in the employment in the country. Especially women are taking the lead in this youtube business and making their impression as an entrepreneur. In different subjects, YouTubers are growing and setting up their business and keep rolling and transacting. From education to food niches, we see an amazing vedios that updates a person very well on different things. Women who hesitated to do jobs are now doing things that lift them from hardships and enable them with financial independence. Such initiatives must be encouraged so society would get a blend of knowledge-driven and capable people for prosperity.

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    It is true that the YouTube has given opportunities to many talented people especially the ladies to show their capabilities in the areas of cooking. In YouTube you would notice a variety of dishes posted by the women and by going through that apparatus you can see how a particular item can be presented with different flavours and aromas from the different cross sections. Fish cooked in West Bengal would have the different taste than the one cooked by Punjab. In the past time, we lacked varieties due to non availability of such apparatus popularising the dishes. In terms of education also, the women are active in taking up online classes due to their enhanced interest in teaching. Hence money making for them through YouTube has been convenient due to emergence of pandemic situation.

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    Empowering the women is empowering the society. It's nice to see the dual opposite of man come forward contribute it's share to the formation of a better society. Keep up humans. We're pleased!!!

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    I have also observed the same. I am not good at cooking so many times, I take help from youtube recipe videos and have come across many such channels sharing creative recipes. Not only cooking, but there are various tutorial videos getting uploaded on youtube every day and people are encashing this opportunity by utilizing their talent. As per my observation, the top trending videos are for recipes, daily workouts, yoga, piano, etc.

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Women are bracing up to face the challenge of pandemic as for many the situation has not turned normal and they are exploring their various talent to show case and earn money. As told by the author the recipes during these seven months has become the main part of the hobby and sharing the same through their You Tube channel. One such wonderful channel I came across was the Geeta Kitchen through which simple way of making the morning snacks ready without fuss has been shown and the lady explain the preparing way in a most common understanding Tamil and even the non Tamil people can also follow the way she explains live. Many people have come to know new dishes which can be made fast, tasty and very much liked by the children. Most mothers fail to make the dishes for the child and this channel was useful.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    youtube is giving many chances to the people who wanted to showcase their talent and get fame and money. Many singers are now having their own youtube channels and they post songs there day in and day out. Really some good singers are becoming famous and their songs are heard.
    Another issue is the cooking items. Here ladies are doing a very good job. Many ladies are posting a video with details of making a dish and they are getting famous. Stuffed brinjal curry is very famous in AP and my grandmother sued to make this dish very tasty. Now many people of posting the videos and people are watching them. I wonder how people don't know how to make stuffed brinjal curry.
    Let the trend continue so that some ladies can make some money and the financial position of their family will be better with these earnings.

    always confident

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    There have been talented women in every era and in every place, they have set an example in society with their talent, with time women are becoming stronger and stronger. Today, women are changing their thinking about business also. Now women are also advancing rapidly in the field of online business, they are also introducing new dimensions. Although women are also doing business outside the home, if they want to do business from home, then many companies are also supporting them. Under various schemes, women are supported for business from home, so that neither women face money problems nor they face problems in the promotion and marketing of the business.

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    You tube has become a popular place for uploading videos of all sorts and participate in revenue sharing program. This type of tasks can be done by the women easily as videos can be prepared using the smartphone and can be uploaded in You tube.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Nowadays, getting upload video on youtube has become a popular business due to this lockdown. This kind of business proved boon, especially for women as many of them had no time to indulge in outside business. In such a situation, online work proved beneficial to them. This way, many of the women earning their pocket money very nicely. Women playing a major role in this regard. It is a good source of income for them. Indeed, YouTube has provided a great opportunity for women aspirants who want to show their talent in any walks of life.

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    Women were always liking working from home whether it was participating in online surveys or online data entry or Youtube video uploading or editing and writing work with publishers etc. It was convenient as well as some pocket money earner from them. It is still the first choice for them and may of them are engaged in these areas constructively. Many households have maid servants and other facilities and these women have ample time and if they engage themselves in these things than i is a great pastime, learning avenue and a source for some earning also.
    Knowledge is power.

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