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    Let us make big noises about clean places

    We need a big revolution in terms of cleanliness. There is no scope for laziness in this regard. Let us showcase all the cleanest towns, villages and cities in our own State. For example, if there is some constructive activity and some parts of a town are clean, we should learn from that.

    Indore is a classic example. We need to have this model everywhere. It has now emerged as the cleanest city in India. How did they do it? From all accounts, there has been a good deal of community participation.

    Teams of social workers and officials should visit Indore, document the experiences and then do the same thing in terms of implementation. Unless we are clean, nothing will happen. Public health will not improve.

    We need a big movement towards this. Parts of Coimbatore city are spotlessly clean. It is a far better than than most. Yet, there is plenty of scope for improvement. Likewise, we also need to emulate the best practices from whatever villages or towns that we know of, or get to read about.

    The time to do this, is now. Members may please share their knowledge of good practices in this regard.
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    I say our village in the East Godavari dt of Andhra Pradesh, is a classic example of maintaining cleanliness. The roads are cleaned daily and nobody is throwing the waste on the roads. Waste bins are provided everywhere. All the roads are cement roads and the drainage is there for all the streets. Panchyati vehicle will come and collect the waste from all the houses. If there is any function, we have to inform the panchayat and they will place a waste carrying cart near our house and we have to put waste in that only. A neat and clean village.
    In the cities I have seen Visakhapatnam is the best. They maintain the city very neatly and even school going children also will never throw waste on the roads. We have to big awareness among the people and make them to adopt clean ways and means so that the health of the people will be better. Our efforts should be in bringing awareness among the common people so that we will have all villages and cities become clean.

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    At present, cleanliness is a big challenge for us. This time is a time of change for India, we also need to see it on a large scale so that our environment can be protected from being polluted. Cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the cleaning staff, it is the responsibility of all our citizens to keep our cities and villages clean and safe. We have to change this perspective and I know that just making it a campaign will do nothing. It will take time to change old habits but it is not so difficult. People living in the village will also have to understand this. Because there should be an effort to keep the chaupal clean as well. Due to dirt, the outbreak of disease increases in these areas. Especially open defecation has to be avoided. People living in the village will also have to understand this. Because there should be an effort to keep the chaupal clean as well. Due to dirt, the outbreak of disease increases in these areas. Especially open defecation has to be avoided.

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    Every one wants their area and place should be clean and good like Indore in MP. But cleanliness should begin from each home and everyone must understand that as they keep their home clean and good they are also responsible to keep their living place, street, society, town and city clean and green. First of all throwing the garbage or waste materials here and there should be avoided. No spitting must allowed outside on any roads and spittoons must be arranged to facilitate spitting. And defacing of the public places must be totally avoided and even the public places should have the toilets facilities, Some may argue that Indore is the small city and the clean efforts could have been achieved, but other places in India have never tried on that line and at least now they must emulate the Indore model of cleanliness.
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    Cleanliness is essential for a healthy society. Now, it has become part of our life in this pandemic situation. There is a great need for movement regarding cleanliness so as to our country free from dirt.
    Everybody wants a clean and healthy environment. So, everyone should take responsibility for a clean society. This habit should be developed since childhood only then our country would clean. Since starting, we would make aware of our children about using dustbin.
    Indore like small city got the first position in cleanliness. We all need to follow the tips to keep clean our city like Indore. It is possible only when every citizen takes responsibility for this.

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    Well said. It is said that cleanliness is Godliness. We have to inculcate the habit of keeping the places clean and more and more people are to be made aware of this fact. It is the duty of the parents to train their children in this regard so that they become a good citizen in their lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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