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    Is comics days expires?

    is comics days expires? In our days there was lot of comics in the market like Chacha Chaudhary , Naagraj, Superman , Billu, Pinki etc Chacha Chaudary was my favorite comics and its was more costly than other comics. I was aggressively waiting for Raaka Saabu series because Raaka can never die and how Saabu will handle this thing.

    Nowadays everything is being digitized so Comics days on hard paper is being expire day by day , what do you think friend.

    Were you also reading Comics on your exam day?
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    I remember chacha chaudhary, sabu and raaka, read these comics a long time back. We used to read Tinkle digest a comic book for kids. There were other characters like Janu and Wooly Woo, Shikari Shambu and Suppandi. Do you know we actually have a superhero universe here in India just like Marvel Universe. This universe has characters like Tiranga, Doga, Nagraja etc. Nagraja is a powerful superhero, there is an entire comic series a huge fanbase on him. He is made entirely from a collection of shapeshiftimg extremley powerful snakes. His name means the Snake King in english.

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    The above mentioned comics are now available in ebook format too. So no the comic book period is not lost, just transitioned into a new state

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    During my school days, a Daily News Paper started with a cartoon story called 'Kanni Theevu'. Daily in the morning, I never failed to go through it and anticipate what would be the scene next day. I never missed to read until I came out of Tamilnadu for job. The same ' Kanni Theevu' is still continuing with the story. But it is not that interesting to read as it was before. On 30th September 2020, it was 21450th day.

    Since the TV channels have the cartoon serials, the comic books have lost its charm and attraction. The reading habits of children also have been seriously affected.

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    Surely we are missing the comic characters of those days when the Ambulimama or Chandamama publications in Tamil and Telugu languages would make us happy and be involved in those characters. The Tenali Rama stories, Akbar and Birbal stories were appearing in comic characters and even the Malgudi days story of Manjunath was very enjoyable. These days children are having options of on line and also the television cartoon characters like Mottu Patlu, Doreman are making rounds. One thing is sure, in olden days the comic characters used to convey the importance of life and happenings. And the present day cartoons show lots of violence, how to take revenge, how to blame the other and how to make fool of others. Some cartoon characters looks are also very bad and that would have the bad impact on the children who watch them.
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    During my childhood, we were getting two monthly magazines called Chandamama and Balamitra. All most all the children used to read those magazines. Very good stories were being published in those magazines and good comics were also there in those books. All the stories were giving some morals. The parents used to encourage their children to read those books for their overall development.
    But these people are not having that much time to purchase books and read them. I read money books in Telugu and they are very good entertainers with some message. Yes. I agree with the author the comics are not the cup of tea these days.

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    I still have 2 comic books of Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu but the comic book I read in my childhood was better than these new comic books. I had brought this book for my nephew, but nowadays children think they have a big challenge of studying school books, besides they do not like to read much.
    I remember my summer vacation when I and my siblings used to read a lot of comic books during the entire 2-month holiday, in those days, sometimes we had to make a comic book rental, so we took only 2 or 3 books at a time. The fun I had to read those comic books can never happen in TV cartoons or online games.

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