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    Why thermal censors being aimed at fist than the forehead?

    When ever we visit the public places or the malls, the sanitizers are kept to be used and through thermal censors our body temperature were checked. Previously they used to put the censor aiming at our forehead and take the reading of temperature. Now the censors are aimed at the fist area. Why this shift has been made? Will it give the best result of temperature as our forehead would give the right kind of temperature reading. What about in your area and how the temperatures are checked in the public places ?
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    Contactless thermometers use infrared radiation to measure the temperature of the object which is close proximity. The measurements are not very accurate as the method of measuring is very specific. The distance and time are also very important. But I don't think the people who are measuring the temperatures here don't have those details. So the so-called thermal scanning is a measurement which will satisfy the person that some care is being taken.
    Measuring the temperature at the forehead is not a good practice. We will be making many physical works and we may be having stressed minds also. These two points will cause an increase in temperature but that is not due to fever. Measuring temperature at smaller surfaces is always better. So many scientists suggest wrists or fist for the measurement.
    Based on the scientific facts measuring temperature near the wrist is better.

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