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    Personality or Wisdom- What is more important?

    Personality and Wisdom are two separate aspects of any individual and defines the person in one or another way. Although both are different but are connected and plays an important role in influencing others. Many times, people get impressed by the personality that includes body language, dressing sense, greeting habits, etc. Wisdom cannot be noticed by others in one go and it requires long association with others.
    Many people consider Wisdom as one of the various personality traits but that is not true as per many Psychologists.
    Secondly, it is easier to build up an attractive personality and to become wise, it requires more focused efforts.
    So, what do you think is more important to influence others- Personality or Wisdom? Share your fair views.

    This is my entry for Topic based TOW contest for Sept '20- topic-'Wisdom'.
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    Well, when it is about the influence on others it depends on how others are influenced. If a person is influenced by a particular personality then personality plays the lead role and when somebody is influenced by the wisdom then wisdom is of prime importance. Personality can work as an illusion where the originality maybe purposefully hidden but in the case of wisdom it is absolutely original and there cannot be any doubt. A person having wisdom will never try to impress others by saying or doing certain things and interestingly people will be automatically impressed by the solutions provided by such persons. A person having wisdom is always friendly in nature and you don't have to classify them but when it comes to personality we define it using different terms to notify the nature of a person. Whether it's personality or wisdom the important thing is the interaction with such persons. Interacting with people having wisdom will make you feel pleasant while interacting with people having different personalities will make you feel different in each case. Personality is very important but wisdom has universal appeal.

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    While personality can be maintained even by the low profile and illiterate persons, but the wisdom comes out of best education, best behavior with the peer group , and those acquired best qualities would stay back with the person whole through the life. A person who is wise and having the wisdom would not differentiate others and his mind would be to help out others and thus he is most sought after. One person with good wisdom can spread the message of learning and practicing good things for the life and huge people would be immensely benefited through his actions and actions. All the wise people are not equal. They have different knowledge to share and create a basic need for such knowledge and thus most of the wise people stand to be initiator of good things and movements in our life which we should not forget.
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    My vote goes for wisdom. What is the personality of Gandhiji? But he is respected by one and all for his wisdom in making India an Independent country.
    What is the personality of Lal Bahadur? He is respected for his simplicity and the wisdom he has shown during the war with Pakistan when he was the PM.
    There may be many people who are not handsome, whose body language is not good but they may be respected for their wisdom.
    Of course, a person with a good personality with wisdom may be respected more than a person with the same level of wisdom without personality.

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