The story of a few wise men and wisdom

This is not a story but don't be disappointed, I will discuss something very real. A moment may come in one's life when she/he starts asking what the use of life is and looks for answers from various places. The person starts reading various books, meet many people and after a lot of searches may find a satisfactory answer. After finding the satisfactory answer the person tells himself for a moment that if only the answer could have been found earlier he could have enjoyed the life and the very next moment he thinks that whatever has happened has already happened and actually he is enjoying life. This change in mind is because of certain realizations either through experience or reading some materials/books or after coming in contact with a few wise men. Now have you found the similarities in the sayings of all such sagacious people whom the world reveres? Their perception of any specific issue is the same. The sagacious people whom we refer to as wise men never say to brood over the past, they will always say to move ahead by forgetting about what has happened in the past. They all say to focus and concentrate on things to achieve the target. But we quarrel among us about the differences in 'my perception and your perception'. If the colour is green it is just green. If your perception about that colour is blue and another one's perception about that colour is brown then it can be said both are just colour-blind. That's the beauty of wisdom. You'll not have different perception over the same thing and that's exactly what those few wise men are telling us.

This is an entry to the TOW contest