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This thread is the winner of the Topic-based TOW contest for Sept '20 on the topic 'Wisdom'.
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    Wisdom is the spark that strengthens human intelligence

    Wisdom is not getting degrees from a prestigious University, wisdom is not dressing up and making show-off. Wisdom is like a powerhouse of a person that sparks his or her imagination to take right decisions at the right time. Wisdom enlightens the conscious and subconscious ability of a person. Wisdom envisions a human faculty with utmost grace and intelligence. It helps a person desist from the things that could disrupt mental peace of society.

    Taking vital decisions in life or making some important arrangements, one's intuition always directs him or her for a reasonable initiative. Many times we experience even educated degree holders fail to unbolt the problems when a person even uneducated blessed with wisdom comes up with a solution to the problem. Wisdom is a person's inner spark that improves his vision to reflect and make the right decisions in life. Wisdom is not something concrete or a solid thing but abstract that sparks human intelligence to equip one with espionage and rationality.

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    If one acquires wisdom means he has achieved the spark of life with intelligent quotient that can be wisely used for his own and others purpose. A wise person always generates new ideas and new way of thinking that not only baffles others and they also approach him for the help and corrections of their draw backs. An Intelligent person is the asset to the society and nation because there is no loss through him and in fact would build positive energy with his followers who would do the productive work in future. A wise person with true wisdom always bestowed with cracking the problems with immediate solutions and there is always immense power house within him to decide what is good and what is bad and the spark of decisions taken with postie attitude is seen to be believed. Therefore a wisdom person is the asset to the nation.
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    Well, intelligence is an inherent quality, but the person who keeps on doing something new or is ready to learn new things, his intellectual skills continuously increase. The wise man considers a solution rather than a problem. He has foresight, he takes a decision after considering all aspects of everything. He also senses passionately. I think there is a difference between cleverness and intelligence. A clever person is selfish, but a wise person thinks of everyone's interest. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others. He does not underestimate the person in front, because he knows that every person has some qualities and every person has his own importance. It is not at all necessary that a person having information around the world should also be intelligent, because in which place and how to use that information, only an intelligent person can do it.

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    True. There is no relation between education and wisdom.
    A good design Engineer in a four-wheeler manufacturing company designed a beautiful vehicle with very good safety arrangements inbuilt and a nice appearance. The MD of the company was very happy and approved for manufacturing. The prototype is made. The factory wanted it to be presented to the MD, He was invited. All gathered in the shopfloor. Unfortunately, the height of the vehicle is a little more than the height of the opening. A big question, how to take it out? Some suggested making the door big by breaking the wall. Some suggested forcing the car through the opening as the car is tight fit through the opening. There may be some scratches on the top and repainting the car is not a problem for them. But MD is not happy because both the suggestion are not a good omen for the introduction of a new variety. A security guard was standing there and seeing all this. With fear, he came near an officer and told him that he has a suggestion. The MD heard this and encouraged the guard to tell that. The guard suggested that the air from the tyres can be removed so that height will come down and then the vehicle will pass through the opening. Then they again fill the air in the tyre. All the people standing there are excited and MD is very happy. That is the wisdom of the guard who is not a qualified engineer or scientist, To understand the problem and fixing a good solution is wisdom.

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    Intelligence is something else other than the gathering the bookish knowledge. An intelligent man would work after the analysis the overall situation. He would utilise his part experience and all such informations collected in the past in solving the present issue. Hence here a little innovativeness would be required to fix the problem.
    There exists a difference between a wise and a cunning man where as in the former case the man would carry out analysis to what extent his idea would be benificial for the rest of masses where as in the later case he would think of his own benifits and if required he can make harm to others to achieve his goal.
    Now coming to the real term, intelligence is not related to gathering the information only through the different sources implying that he should not necessarily be a qualified engineer rather a common man can provide you suggestion fitting to the situation and the problem is ultimately solved.

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    I also agree that decision making quality or capability of a person is definitely linked to ones wisdom. Educational achievements, skills, knowledge etc are at their own places contributing in their own ways but wisdom is that single element that plays a vital role in our lives. It is not easy to have wisdom at an early age as by that time a person is not exposed to worldly threats and had not gained the requisite experience. It is only after a hard days work that realisation of realities of lives is perceived in its true sense. Once a person becomes wise, all his decisions and actions are highly moderated with the eyes of wisdom.
    Knowledge is power.

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