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    After the lull for six months the economic growth poised for new records

    When the critics in the opposition parties are taking on the government for mishandling the economy and made it to slowdown and even stop growing, here is the good news as the GST collections for September has posted 5 percent increase than six months back and this proves India started getting back to normalcy. And this is happening when trains are not fully running and local buses used to 25 percent fleet. Even the exports to Europe has raised drastically beating the old record and thus the critics have the compulsion to appreciate the mechanisms that created positive vibes in the economy.
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    India is the sort of country that can bounce back from any type of difficulty. It is mainly due to the resiliance of the people of India to absorb the shocks in any front whether it is the economy or any other. The Government has mishandled the economy starting with demonitization. Even before the pandemic, the economy was nose diving due to the mishandling of the Government. The priorities of the Government are misplaced.
    The Government of India has already started the process of disinvestment in Air India which is having a debt of more than Rs 60,000/ crore. At this juncture a B 777 Plane is acquired at a cost of more than Rs 8000/ crore to fly the President of India, The Prime Minister and VVIPs only. Recently a new parliament building tender was sanctioned at a cost of more than Rs 800/ crore. Are these necessary at a time when the economy is shrinking and lakhs of jobs are lost and people are suffering?

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    India has great industrial potential and also our agricultural production is quite satisfactory. Only thing where we are lacking is the job opportunities and our people are not engaged. Our over population is dragging our growth and is a big challenge ahead. Another issue is of governance where we are sometimes failing miserably. In the initial stages of corona pandemic people became panicky that after some time provision items would not be available but it proved wrong. In fact there was more supply non the market then the demand. The poor people cannot buy the costlier items and rich would only buy what they want and all the extra produced items are going bad after their expiry period. Our economy will rise more vehemently and we would progress in a faster pace if we can mange some of our efficiency and governance issues.
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    I am unable to understand what is meant by new records. Because of the lockdown, there was no economic activity for quite some time and it is difficult to say when things will be normal. The economic condition of our country was not at all encouraging even before the lockdown period and the activities we are witnessing now is nothing special. When the restrictions are not there people are going out to do the work and to purchase items of their choice but it can never be said it is a kind of record. This is a democratic country and when things are not moving in the right direction the opposition and a lot of people will start criticizing. There is no point in thinking that only one political party or a particular Prime Minister can work for the development of the country and others only oppose. When people are dissatisfied with one government they vote that government out and elects a new government. This is the usual process.

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    The country has to bounce back. Otherwise, the progress will be halted and we will go back in all fronts. We all know that this pandemic has impacted our economy a lot. Now, things are slowly coming to normalcy. If it will not happen we see more deaths due you to hunger.
    Many people lost their jobs and hence there is a lot of reduction in purchases. Again people getting engaged and earning. In another few days, we see some good changes and our economy may pick up. More jobs are expected due to new industries coming to India and that will give a big boost to our economy.

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    India is poised to get back the attention it deserves within a matter of a few more months. No doubts that the pandemic took out the steam but it happened to the entire World and not India alone. When opposition makes a hue and cries that economy is in shatters then one can only laugh and nothing else as even kids have this much sense that what the lockdown effect will be.

    People have lost their jobs and are facing difficulty but that will end soon as India is a place where the population itself and our consumption capacity will pull it out of any economic slowdown. To cite an example in September alone luxury SUV KIA Seltos alone sold 18000 units and this is the highest monthly sales figure it had made ever since it launched in India. Also, the sentiments of the Banking sector are high as HDFC bank CEO recently said in a statement that the bank is extending new branches and the future seems bright. Pepsi recently announced that it will meet its target set for 2020 even though there was lockdown for 6 months.

    Things are bright but not for the opposition which has attacked Government for everything which even they had no control over. No doubt we must also ask the Government questions to make it work to the best of its capacity but at the same time be alert of the hate that is spread by media and some people who are hell-bent to tarnish the image of this country and some states.

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    Are we being transported to some dreamland? A land where actual facts and figures are cleverly masked to project a make-believe world? I don't think it would be prudent to go by either the claims by the ruling front or the opposition. There appears to be clearly a deceptive method being adopted in various forms to confuse the general public in many spheres and one should not take them easy as mere political games. The Indian economy might have been affected by the pandemic as has been the case with most of the nations across the world but we need to understand that our economy was in shambles even before that. Depicting a change (minimal) in the growth rate of our economy as the effect of the pandemic has started subsiding cannot be reflected as growth, it is rather a natural process. And I sincerely doubt whether a rise in the number of SUVs sold during a period can be considered to be an indicator of our economic revival.
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    A few months ago India was one of the fastest economy of the world but what went wrong that our economy all of a sudden began to fall and recent figures shows that GDP is down -23.90%. What happened to it that it has fallen into negative. Only expert can analyze its reasons. Lately NSO has issued some data of our economy for the month of April, May and June. The condition of all sectors is too bad like:
    Industries -38.1%
    Services. -26.6%
    Manufacturing -39.3%
    Trade & Hotel -47%
    Agriculture +3.4%

    I don't think the author is aware of ground realities of contraction in economy.

    However, I have full trust in our government that they will recuperate our economy back on track and our status will be reinstated but it will take time.

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