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    Merely executing a job is not sufficient, what matters is quality.

    We all work depending upon our engagements whether it is computer related work or general office work or managing a work or even a household task or any other activity whatsoever it be. Different people execute the task in hand with different proficiency and calibre and it is natural that the performance and the final output and quality of it would differ from one individual to another. The point is that though many people are able to execute a job but the question arises as how many of them are able to do it effectively and efficiently giving out a quality product or service. This is the thing that makes difference between the working of two individuals. In today's world what matters is quality and not the simple execution of job and it is imperative that in addition to completing a job we have to give attention and efforts to achieve the desired quality. Members may like to give their opinion.
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    Job execution always comes with perfection and that kind of approach is considered as the professional way to finish the task with finesse. The other day my two wheeler tyre air way decreasing and felt that it might got punctured and visited the puncture man at a petrol pump. He has checked for the puncture and found two. He made the repair and also checked the hind tyre and found a small puncture. This I did not tell him and he volunteered to check the back tyre and here I could find his professional way of approach to the job. And he checked and rechecked both tires for any other punctures even though many are waiting on the queue. What I am trying to say here that he might have checked my front tire and asked me to go but he checked back tire and there he caught my imagination of best job worker.
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    Quality has always been in demand in any work. Today is the time, which has provided opportunities to the people of the world to move ahead according to their respective abilities so that they can choose their field of work according to their interests. Today, it is no longer that you either do a job for your career or small shopkeeping because when it was, at that time, how many talents were buried under the burden of responsibilities, because there was no other way. But today is the era of multitasking, the same person carries out different types of responsibilities, but it has to be understood that there is a difference between 'knowledge' and 'talent'. When a person does a job based on his talent and skill, the quality of the production is also guaranteed in such jobs.

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    Yes, quality matters and that's why we check the quality of items before purchasing. If a person earns a good name because of the service she/he provides then most of the people ask for that person if they require that particular service. Whether in service or in business, efficient people always help to grow the organization. Those who are not efficient enough lags behind and may struggle to keep pace. Doing things just for the sake of doing them will not help much. A person doing the same thing in a better way has an edge. It is a natural tendency to improve our condition each day and that's why we look for an improved version in everything. For every improved version, the quality is upgraded which requires a lot of concentration to carry out the tasks. Since the natural process is to evolve the quality of the work we do has a significant impact.

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    In today's competitive world, quality definitely matters and many companies and organisations are particular about it as it makes the reputation of a product. Various measures like ISO or Six-Sigma are being adopted only to achieve the quality.
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    In the present competitive environment, execution of a job is not only required but it has to be seen how far the the job executed fulfill the quality angle set by the management. We do have staffs with different caliber. Some would take less time in the execution of the job but doing the same job the other one would take time a little more but the quality aspect is fulfilled. Hence speed alone is not important, the end result should satisfy the management with the quality parameters so that the management can complete with his competitors.

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    Quality of work, quality of the product and quality behaviours are very much required. The work we do should be done in such a way that the expected result will be attained with minimum expenditure and as fast as possible. We should not compromise on quality with a view of completing the task early. At the same time, we should not waste time in the name of quality. Also, we should not waste more money also in the name of quality. The success will depend on these points only. Sometimes we may be taking risks to complete the work fast. But they may result in bad quality and the whole exercise may bo in vain. Such works are futile.
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