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    Discussion or debate what would you prefer?

    We all come across many threads on this site which entice us into pouring out our thoughts and opinions, but sometimes those thoughts turn into a matter of discussion and sometimes debate. We must choose to keep the topic at discussion only or turn it into a debate. Here are few differences that keeps me away from a debate.

    Debate is about putting across your own point of view.
    Discussion is about taking point of view of all engaged.

    Debate is about winning alone.
    Discussion about winning together.

    Debate will always be a debate.
    Discussion sometimes can turn into a debate.

    Debate is about winning or losing.
    Discussion is always about winning.

    Debate can be one sided.
    Discussion is always multi dimensional.

    Debate if verbal can become ugly.
    Discussion will always be a calm and smooth affairs even if verbal.

    Debate can involve finding fault of others.
    Discussion will always be about finding the best of all.

    Things that are certain do not need any discussion but debate can be done even on certain things.
    Example, Earth is round or flat? This does not involve any discussion but people can debate on this too.

    What would you prefer debate or discussion?
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    I prefer discussion because I believe that when we understand the words and thinking of others, at the same time we are also increasing our knowledge. No person is complete, so one should try to carry it wherever knowledge is found. Discussion can take place on any subject and different people have different views on that subject, whereas in a debate we only stick to our point and even though we do not want to follow the front matter, because in the debate our demand has to prove itself right.
    You must have heard, "Knowledge is the only wealth that grows by sharing." While discussing, we also take and give knowledge, whereas in the debate its probability is relatively less.

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    For a learning person discussion and debate holds good because through discussions the debate can be imposed with much more correctness. If a person comes to a discussion table, that proves that he is ready for going deep into the topic and wants to create own impact with his debating points. Discussions can be for the topic or against the topic but the debate would be for the decisive say by the person who has been consistently behaving in the same manner from the beginning and thus takes the discussion to next level. Sometimes even the moderator would be in fix to oppose the debater because he comes with such points of finesse as everyone in the discussion table has to agree and change the discussion. But one thing is sure some times a debater would be alone and he may be fired with volley of questions to which he must be ready to face and not sulk.
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    I would like to add a few more lines.

    Debate is between two
    Discussion is among many.

    Debate is hard
    Discussion is soft

    Debate to arugue and shout
    Discussion to decide with poiteness

    Debate is to win
    Discussion is to solve.

    Debate has no end
    Discussion has an end.

    Debate is entertainment
    Discussion is a serious duty

    Debate is with envy
    Discussion is friendly

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    The discussion will be always better. The discussion can be between many or even between two. Same is the case with debate also. But most of the time the participants will split into 2 or 3 groups and debate. A discussion should not become an argument. An argument is to say that we are correct and we try to push our points. But a discussion is to get the views of different people and coming to a common understanding. In any case, the discussion is the best. A person who is knowledgable in the subject will invite discussion and he can try to put the points well. But in debate one will try to push his point of view even though he knows the other points are also having some value.
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    Discussion is on mutatis mutandis basis which means that changes have been made in consultation to all the stakeholders and differences are considered to reach an amicable solution. So discussion has a positive undercurrent. On the other hand debate which is simply based on putting forward ones view and support it throughout the expressing durations, is an academic exercise. So, if the issue is pertaining to brainstorming and understanding then debate is a good medium and if the issue is related to execution part of a project then the discussion would suffice for the purpose.
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    Discussion is always welcome provided we proceed with a cool and calm manner and in course of discussion, several points come out enhancing our knowledge on the area for which discussion has been initiated and any excitement or a heated discussion would spoil the environment and ultimately we may not explore other points of the issue being discussed. It is always two way programme and duration of discussion would last till the the members are exhausted with any point related to the discussion. Hence to extract the valuable points, discussion is always benificial but debate may be one sided and though the other members have the opportunities to put up their points but due to constraint of timing and when the debate is to conclude, no one has the chance to oppose the views expressed by the last member. Hence the debate remains inconclusive sometimes.

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