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    Children also have their self respects.

    Children are so delicate with a gentle heart that they develop in the same form in which form we make them. Due to a lack of self-confidence in many children, they are unable to express their feelings to others, due to which their parents also have to face many problems.

    Just as self-confidence is very important in the lives of our elders, in the lives of children, self-confidence is very important. Children also have their respect, they should also get respect from others or themselves.

    But it is often seen in our society that parents sometimes compare children with other children on any matter and this causes the self-confidence level of the children to fall and the inferiority of the children becomes at home.

    There must be something special in all children, every parent should recognize the quality of their child and help them to build up their self-confidence should be increased.
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    This is the bane of our society. Children who look lean are the target of fun in most schools. Those who are a bit dark are also made fun and this hurts the children badly. There is any number of stories of how all this frustration translates into violence at a later age; in so many Tamil movies, this guy is shown as a sort of goonda who literally bashes up anyone doing anything wrong. He himself does some pretty crime and gets jailed; someone helps him to come out of jail and then fight all injustice.

    Though the movies show something unrealistic, to some extent this is exactly what can happen if children are not taught to respect others and to love others as their own brothers or sisters. Much of the violence even in the wider society, can be traced back to this lack of upbringing at schools and colleges.

    The actual transformation happens in the colleges. The young adult starts to revolt against anything if he or she has had a troubled childhood. Nothing stops him or her from going about doing what he or she thinks right. This goes on and on and the results are disastrous. The author has focused on a good point that should be discussed in the context of real-world experiences.

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    The author is right. In many children the lack of self confidence, some what fear in talking with others, hesitating to talk freely etc., are found invariably. I have seen in a house when the father came from office the child of them run towards him with love but the father immediately sullen on the child that he felt tired of travelling. The face of the child got shrink and gone to the corner. By seeing this my heart pained. Similarly many parents insisting the children to understand the difficulty of parents and ask them to stay privately. This makes their mind either to divert into other side or make them dull in all activities mentally. In another house I saw the parents of ten years old children to do all her works without seeking help from parents as both of them are very busy with their schedules.

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    Sometimes the parents play a great role in making their kids less confident. If some neighbours drop in for gossip, they would praise their wards and such a praise make their parents loosing their self confidence. Instead of analysing the entire issue in detail, they would accept that their kids not intelligent to that level as the neighbourhood boy is. They would direct their kids to follow him in relation to studies and other activities and such statements indirectly affect the kids psychologically and gradually they loose their confidence. To bring back such children within the mainstream, the role of the guardian is vital. They should know how to talk before other others so that the confidence of the kids is not shattered. They should start the talk with positive notes so that child can regain their confidence.

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    Kids of younger age are very sensitive and obviously, their concept about self-respect is not very clear. That is the main reason that parents must handle that delicate age softly because any harsh response can affect them. Rather than shouting at them or pointing to their mistakes repeatedly, we should explain the same politely and in a very friendly way. The tender age, especially between 5-15 years, is very important and even a single mistake of parents can affect the whole life of a kid adversely.
    I have seen many parents complaining about their kids in front of them which directly affects the self-respect of kids. Parents need to understand that their friends and neighbours will not be going to help your kids and that is you who need to take care of this.


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    Children with self-confidence will excel in their lives. So the parents should always try to train their kids in that direction. When we bring them up we should try to tell the importance of self-confidence by telling them some good storied from our ethics. That will make them behave bravely. Another thing is that kids should be encouraged when they are showing some enthusiasm. That will make them strong. We should not infuse fear in their minds. That will make them face the situation with boldness.
    We should not praise other children in presence of our children and say that you are not doing well. That will make them lose their confidence. Even though he is slow he should be encouraged and we should teach them how he can overcome his weaknesses. That will give them good self-confidence and they will be the front runners always.

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