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    In this world, there is a system and rules to do any work.

    I have to plant a garden in my land, it has a system. House is to be built, there is a system to build houses. After studying, if you want to take your life towards progress, then there is also a system to study. Be it something, be an object, be a creature, to move forward, he has to follow some system.

    When this system is imposed on someone by an outside organization or outsider person, it is called a rule. When a person accepts this system with pleasure, in his activities, it is called - sobriety.

    We all know that to get any kind of success in life, one has to follow the rules. Yet why it happen that humans follow their own rules for whole life. But when it comes to obeying the rules of the government or other organizations, these people find it funny. Whether we see the rules of traffic signals or other general rules related to timely tax, people have been seen to be negligent.

    After all, when will every person start to give importance to rules made by others as much as he gives to rules made by himself?
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    For every work to be initiated, we have to follow the set rules and rules are created in such a way that the targeted work get finished without any hindrance. When the rules is for all, there cannot be selective violations and that is why the fines are imposed for the wrong doers. Traffic rules must be followed for the self protection and safety and for also the lives of the others on the road and if someone violates the rule, then hefty fines would be imposed to which even the court of laws cannot be challenged. That proves that everyone has to obey the rules and that should be followed at any cost. Do not think that rules are made by others and why I should follow. Rules are the general guidelines based on the past experience and they are created for the smooth functioning otherwise there would be total mess all over.
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    My auditor friend used to tell a systematized habit become rule of the place. It is correct when we follow in practice. My father advised to keep the knife, scissors, candle, match box in a particular place and the place should never changed. Similarly his advise is to keep the item in the taken place if taken out without fail. Similar practiced habit helped me a lot in my working place and during my 24 years service, I never searched for any files or papers as I placed them in the taken place. This habit is since followed by other staff members under me, that became a rule for our department.

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    Obeying one's self-rule is self-discipline. Obeying other's rules and instruction is group discipline. Both are essential in our life to progress. Be good to yourself by following your own rules, and be good to others by following the others' rules. As a citizen, be disciplined at home and follow the rules of the government. This is the secret of success in our life.
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    Nice thread put up by the author. Rules are made for making the things in order and it is expected that people would follow it. If people do not follow the stipulated rules then it creates a bad situation and we say that governance is poor.
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    For performing any act there will be a prescribed process with a set of rules and regulations. If we adhere to those rules and regulations we will get the end result as expected. But some times we want to complete the works fast and want to get the benefits faster than expected. In this process, we may go for some shortcuts which may backfire and we may not be able to get the expected results.
    If we want to have a good house without any quality problems we should use all the materials like cement, steel, sand and stone in the required proportions.
    Even in manufacturing places, there will be a set procedure to carry out the work in a prescribed way. They are known as Standard Operating Procedures. if we deviate from that SOP we may end up with a wrong product.

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