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    When decent life is ensured why people want dream life?

    Thinking to live big is not at all a bad idea, but we should live within our sources and targets so that the living would be decent and fruitful too. Some people have the vague idea to live the dream life as if they want to draw all the pleasures of life even at the cost of borrowing and spending too much money which is not required at all. But we are constrained to measure our important immediate wants and desires and that way the life must be adjusted with the available resources and funds with us. The more the dream life , the more the trouble we create for ourselves.
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    What is essentially required to lead a pleasant and peaceful life is the basics in our life . That is Food - Clothes - Shelter. We should have our own home to live and rest. We should have clothes to change. We should have money for Food. Shelter can be our family owned, need not be earned. We need to wear simple clothes to cover our body and protect from heat and cold. But food is a must to remain active. This can be had and satisfied through ordinary earning.

    Anything more than the above, is greedy to possess. Such greediness makes a person to become corrupt. But if one earns to feed others generously, it is to be welcomed. It is not greedy but earning for helping others. Such people provide employment to others. They too can lead a simple life with simple shelter, simple clothes and simple food.

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    There is no end for desires. We want all the comforts and pleasures that are available in this world. When we stay in a rented house, we feel we should have our own house. When we have a house, we wish we should have a bungalow. Like this, there is no end for desires. Only a few people will be happy with what they have.
    In this process of increasing desires, people are forgetting the happiness. Finally, at the end of the day when they sit and think, they will not find any reason why they have taken all those troubles. We should not run after money and comfort and we should learn how to live happily with what we have.

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