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    Habit of book reading puts us to a high level

    Since the introduction of mobile phones, the reading of books in us have reduced to a lot. Number of persons going to the libraries also come to a minimum level.
    A surprising news I read in newspapers that an old man who was in the business of collecting old papers and iron materials by streets, now in the level of speaking by many in the city. One Mr. Murugesan of Madurai, now aged 74. studied only upto second standard, entered into the business of collecting newspapers, books, iron materials in his tender age due to family circumstances but having interest to study further. He started reading his collected books casually and got developed interest in books he collected books of all subjects and presently he have a stock of books in his house more than ten thousand. He offers books to the students, research persons and many. He do not demand no money for his giving of books but if they compel he accept the cash but bought old books for that money again for other's use.
    On reading this news I remember the story of Abraham Lincoln who become a big shot by reading books.
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    Great story shared by the author that basic education is not necessary to become the book lover nor create further education required for own. Congrats to Murugesan of Madurai who developed a passion to collect the waste paper and books and ready them and thus become a book addict at the later age. Books are the sources of great information permanently printed on it and whenever we read them again and again, we tend to get different meaning of the same subject and sentence and that is the greatness of books and books reading. That is why the elders at the home would read the epics again and again as they would gain the renewed knowledge of religious mentions in the book and develop the wisdom out of continued learning of same book again and again. One thing is sure every book guides us to knowledge and not otherwise.
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    Reading is a good habit. Reading gives us a chance to enhance our knowledge. Hearing and reading are the two ways to know the information. But reading will make us understand the subject well. Reading a book is much better than reading on an electronic device. Going back if we have doubt is easy if we use a book. Sometimes when we read the book and stop in between we have a marking there and we can restart easily from there. Sitting in a library and reading a book there will make us understand the book well as the atmosphere in the library will be very good and we can easily concentrate on reading.
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