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    The fear of God is the biggest wisdom

    I have observed that everyone is being feared by death. No problem we should be careful. But the main problem is that we have the fear of death but we do not have the fear of God who is the main power in the world. If we have the fear of God, I think the earth would be a better place to live.

    If any person is following a wrong path and gets success we cannot say that he has wisdom. In my opinion, the biggest wisdom is the fear of God and we should be on the right path in entire life.

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    True. Success may not indicate wisdom. But a person having wisdom will have better chances to win by following the right path. Shortcuts are never treated as wisdom. A man will progress if he has respect for God and elders. If not respect at least if he has a fear of God he may be successful. May be wisdom brings fear of God in our life. But there are people who never believe in God, but they are very successful by using their wisdom in legal ways only. There is one famous personality in Andhra Pradesh. He never believed God. But he is very shrewd and become by all right ways only. Maybe there are some exemptions.
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    During this challenging situation many might have gone through the phase of this wisdom as the life has become uncertain and invoke the blessings of the God for the entire family. I could see the ordeal of those families whose children are living in the most pandemic cases countries and here the parents are doing frantic video calls advising them to take extra care for children and not to venture out even for the necessities. And there are elders who could not sleep because they could not meet their dear friends during the walking stroll in the morning and yet they had the wisdom to adjust with the destiny and life. And a big thanks to the children who were more scared with the word corona and was cooperating with their parents and their wisdom should also be hailed and respected. So wisdom comes with danger to life.
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    Actually our ancients conceptualised the fear of God on the premises of doing good things and making Earth a habitable and cordial place. Unfortunately, some evil elements turned it to entirely in a different direction and started preaching the people wrong and unethical things and the gullible followers took them very sincerely and interestingly. From that time onwards we lost our touch with the almighty and the real purpose of that conceptualisation just went into the drains. Today the whole humanity is suffering because of some misdirections and wrong ideas floated by some leaders and preachers in many part of the world in different communities and even the wise have fallen in the trap of these evil elements.
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    It is generally seen that God fearing people are good to the society and friends. They know that God is omnipresent and whatever we do He would be watching us and then there is no point in doing anything which displeases Him. I also believe that we must have faith in God and should have a firm believe that He would do good to us because we have the real faith in Him and His powers.
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