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    How to acquire wisdom in our lives?

    There are many things like education, skills, work exposure, good manners, etiquette etc that we acquire in our lives. Most of the people acquire these things in the traditional ways. But when it comes to wisdom then there is no common or easy way to acquire this unique entity. It is a common belief that wisdom comes with age but it is not necessary that everyone who grows up becomes wise. Only a few are gifted with this great attribute.

    There are no short cuts to acquire wisdom but there are some measures which if taken seriously cn help a person to acquire wisdom in a long run. First of all, a person should be hard working, should have affinity for taking up responsibilities in life. Second thing is that one has to learn from ones past errors and mistakes and correct them in future endeavours. Third thing is that one should not take a decision in haste and consider all the pros and cons before taking a step forward. Next thing is that one should learn to be cordial, cooperative, and helpful to the fellow beings. The last thing is that one should take decisions based on the logic and rationality rather then based on religion or caste and creed or social pressures or political consideration.

    I strongly believe that if a person learns above things, practices them in his life, and remains in the positive territories with a creative mind, he or she should be able to acquire wisdom in a long run.

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    Acquiring wisdom is not so easy but to some extent the measures illustrated by the author might work or might not work and it all depends on the situation and circumstances through which a person goes in his life. If the person is a learner from his past mistakes then probably he might become wiser day by day and then would be able to take better decisions. So learning from past that is experiencing the things in their real perspective and positiveness is a necessary requisite for such enhancement in ones understanding and consciousness which can eventually bring wisdom in ones life.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If we talk about the world, then we know that today's human being is at the peak of intelligence, it is being called the golden age of intelligence, but no single criteria can be set for how difficult or easy it is to achieve. Through experience and constant efforts, we learn new things in life and every time new learning increases our knowledge. Wisdom is a quality that a person sometimes gets by birth or genetic and sometimes over a time. For this, the methods described by the author are also right, but it all depends on the passion of the person. I believe that every person who performs his deeds with dedication, believing in himself and moving forward-facing the challenges of life, will surely attract wisdom.

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    I feel thinking logically on the issues may bring wiseness to the individual. So how to get it? Hard work, not doing things in haste and not doing the same mistakes, again and again, may give you some experience and maturity. That will bring you wisdom. This is correct. But experience alone will never give you wisdom. Understanding the mistakes and knowing the reasons for the mistakes will give you wisdom
    Learning is very important. We should learn every moment and that will give us wisdom. By spending time with people with wisdom may also give us some scope to become wiser.

    always confident

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