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    Have you ever been as an uninvited guest in a marriage function?

    I don't think if anyone would like to go to any marriage function unless he is respectfully invited by the host. How ridiculous is this invitation where we are supposed to pay the bill for taking meal. I hardly attend any marriage function now, however, I can't escape if any close relatives or friends are holding any function and in this situation I'm obliged to abide by their invitation. Days are gone when information of any function would rejoice me and I along with my friends would like to attend such party whether or not we were invited. My first experience of having lavish meal without any welcome card or invitation type thing was simply amazing. One day when the day was over for study my friend asked me to get ready to go old guest house for dinner. I assumed that he was invited and he wanted to take me there too. But when he told me that he wasn't invited and we would enjoy the grand feast without any payment. I was a bit reluctant to accompany but he persuaded me that it was quite normal for students to gobble up feast if any function is held in the University campus. In evening he came to me and insisted to accompany him. Anyways, willy-nilly I got ready. I was a bit shy for going without invitation. When I reached the venue I saw almost half of my class was also there as uninvited guest. Next moment, all of my hesitation disappeared into thin air and I enjoyed the feast whole heartedly with friends. After this incident I hardly missed such a function if held anywhere within University campus.

    Have you ever enjoyed feast in any function as uninvited guest ?
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    No. I never attend any marriage function without invitation. I missed many marriage functions even though I was invited due to some other engagements.
    During my PhD, one of the Professor's daughter was getting married. That Professor invited all the teaching staff by giving individual invitation card. But he invited all the PhD students by giving a single card to all. Some of the scholars felt that he might have given individual cards to Research Students also. Anyhow, I thought I need not attend that function. But my Research Guide called me and asked me to accompany him for the function. I told him that I am not thinking of attending the function. But he forced me that I should go with him. So I attended. After going there they invited all the guests with a lot of respect and treated them with the utmost care. I was very happy and I thought I did the correct thing by attending the function and I thanked my research guide.

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    It is unbecoming and grace such functions where we are not invited. But what the author gave the count that the marriage function was almost attended by the classmates and in that case it is expressly understood that the invitation was for the entire class and the author has probably missed it. Some times even in Hyderabad few friends would call me to join them for the marriage dinner, but I would certainly turn it down because if I am not invited then I would be wasting one dinner which might be ear marked for the others. I am totally against those families which go in group in marriage functions. There is one family near my house and if they are given the invitation, surely ten people would grace from their side because they think that the invitation is for parents, their daughters, son in laws and children.
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