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    Earphones are more dangerous than speaker's

    We all are aware of the fact that due to LOCKDOWN imposition the noise pollution level gradually dropped down which was unexpected as LOCKDOWN rings in sound of silence. But, people are more fond of using earphones than listening audio over speaker's no matter if it is a call or any audio track. People use earphones for long stretch and as a result they face issues like pain in the ear and they also get disturbed and distracted. They also get distanced from the external world and spend a long period of time in isolation. Now, there are people who listen audio via speaker's and they face only minimum issues compared to people who use earphones and headphones.
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    The author is right. Whether it is to work while listening to songs or to go for a walk with earphones on the ear, applying earphones not only has a bad effect on your ear but also damages your health. It is believed that if a person listens by handsfree in more than 90 decibels for more than two hours, then he can be vulnerable to many diseases besides being deaf. The electromagnetic waves emitting from the earphones have a bad effect on the person's brain, because of which he starts having problems with headaches or sleeplessness. Hearing earphones for a long time can reduce the hearing ability of a person, but also causes many mental problems. According to doctors, symptoms like dizziness, sleepiness, head and ear pain, etc. are seen due to excessive use of earphones. So one should use earphones when needed and use only good quality earphones.
    Swati Sharma

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    Correct. Earphones are too dangerous to ears more than a speaker. In those days the speakers are used to put songs and speeches during the festival season, though it was in good volume of sound did not affect us much but the hearing of a song or anything over earphones, the ears got a different sound after removing the earphones after usage. But it is our human practice that everything done by others become wrong but whatever we follow or do are correct. Like that many of us criticized the usage of speakers to the extent of abolition, but sophisticated to use the speaker in a form of earphones. My grand father was dead against keeping kerchief as we keep the sputum etc., inside the pocket which is to be spit out but pride of using kerchieves .

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    I am also fully agreeing with the author that over usage of mobile phones and listening songs through the ear phones has become a big fashion among the youth and others who does not want to leave even one second away from the ear phones and they keep on listening to the songs. The worst effect starts when their hearing impair would make them uneasy as they are not able to listen low voice and need a louder audio to listen and converse. What is more disturbing that even the small school children are now getting habituated to listen the online classes and I am sure over few months their ear drum is going to pain and give trouble of impair. Sooner there would be many people rushing to ENT doctors for the treatment but by that time too much damage must have been done to the hearing ability. Be short on talking over phone and never use the ear phones.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Too much noise and very high sounds are not good for ears. Our ears will get damaged and we may become partially deaf over a while. So that is why speakers with very high sound are not good. That is why in factories where the sounds are high, the working persons are advised to use earplugs or earmuffs.
    These days the usage of earphones is increasing. Many people while travelling also uses these earphones to hear songs. But sometimes this habit proves to be dangerous.
    Using earphones for longer times will damage the eardrums. So we should use them as and when essential only.
    These days I am seeing that many students are using these earphones for attending their online classes. That too, the children in primary and secondary classes may face a major problem in long run.
    But this has become a necessity and we can't find an alternative to this. So they should use only when it is essential and should not carry on with earphones always.

    always confident

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