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    Wisdom- the essence of a man

    Wisdom is an uncanny quality and forte of human beings which illustrates a demarcation between people. How someone can get wisdom is a million-dollar question. Some people are blessed with wisdom by birth, some people attain it by hard work, some people are taught wisdom by experience, some people learn wisdom by vagaries of circumstances and some people get wisdom because they spend their time with people of wisdom and sometimes, maturity brings wisdom. However, wisdom is a unique quality which singles out a person from the crowd of common people.

    Many times, people confuse wisdom with knowledge, and knowledge with information. Many scholars, philosophers, and thinkers have defined and explained wisdom in a variety of ways, such as 'profound truths or subtle realities,' 'the art of understanding properly,' 'coming to know the essence of things as they really are,' 'the ability to make correct judgments and decisions,' 'making the best use of available knowledge,' 'reaching the truth with knowledge and action,' 'thinking what is best and doing what is best in any given situation', 'insight that guides one to that which is correct and accurate in his movements and actions,' what is right and what is wrong in a certain situation and so on.

    Wisdom carries us above the coil of sentiments, feelings, and the eddies of enviousness, uneasiness, and outrage. It brings peace to the soul and to the mind as well. It is only through wisdom, that one may comprehend that forgiving others nasty actions, ignoring their shortcomings, and being tolerant and accepting to all is the elevated and real virtues of all human beings. Wisdom is the germination of the seeds of forgiveness, humanity, and sympathy. It is the surge of unlimited affection toward every soul, whether human beings, animals, or trees. Wisdom bestows us the power to behold the elegance and tangible strength of nature. In real terms, this is the actual means of being close to God.
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    Truly said by the author that the wisdom is the final out come of what ever learned by the person and his behavior and moving with others through his acquired knowledge is always a appreciable way. Wisdom brings a total change in a person with sober attitude, not getting agitated and he would never get outraged because he knows the pros and cons of taking actions in haste. Either by studies or personal experience those wise persons behave in a most sought after manner and they know how to behave and how to get the problems solved with their timely actions and no question of sulking from others as they are most forward thinking, not hiding anything and their every action would be out of great thoughts and that would be decisive. In a nutshell they always initiate actions with lots of thought process and that is final.
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    Wisdom is defined differently by different people. But ultimately wisdom brings success and happiness to a person. A man with wisdom knows to take a correct route to reach the destination and that selection only makes him successful. The author has explained the importance of wisdom and also he highlighted the greatness of a person with wisdom. Good attempt.
    always confident

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