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    Gadgets and electronics items were meant to solve our problems but now they are the problem.

    We are surrounded by electronic gadgets and equipments that are meant to help us and make our lives easy and comfortable but, slowly they have have penetrated so deep into our lives that they themselves have become a problem.

    Be it a smartphone, television, laptops, smart speakers, smart watches, smart bands, etc. All have their own uses and utility but they have have surrounded us so much that they have become intrusive and instead of easing our lives, they now try to control our lives. Whatever I am writing is also done on smartphone and it stays with me almost 22 hours a day, it even sleeps beside me during the night.

    Am I the the only one experiencing this or members too feel somewhat similar?
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    I do agree that the gadgets and electronic items were found to ease our problems at the work, but over the passage of time we have been more depending on them and thus if the gadget or the item goes for repair mode we are totally shattered and mood off. When we were school going the calculations were done manually and that was working well. Now we are heavily depend on calculator and that is though accurate, we forget the manual calculating. Same way the addictions to computer has become more. The just glance on some information would arose curiosity, and that glance would become a interesting digging on the same topic and thus unknowingly we would have wasted much time. Gadgets or the electronic items must be used sparingly and we should not fall addiction otherwise we would become mad sooner or later.
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    Interesting thread by the author. You are right that these electronic gadgets are meant to solve our problems but have become problems due to our own constant misuse and abuse of electronic gadgets. These technical gadgets like laptops, smartphones, television have brought ease and comfort to the people. The technologically driven world is more inclined to these electronic devices and almost many important things are done through these devices.
    But being more dependent on these electronic devices have created problems due to extensive and intrusive use of these gadgets. Take, for example, the smartphone that has always remain in our hands thereby affecting our eyes due to consistent strain on the retina. Though having these gadgets are a privilege but using them judiciously is also a privilege.

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    This is mainly due to the addiction of the people. When you have a smartphone in your hand, the whole world is in your hand. So for any requirement or information, the smartphone will be useful. So we start slowly using that and finally, we will get addicted to that. We use it for the sake of using it. I have seen people sending messages and videos at 1 AM also. That means they are not sleeping till that time.
    There are people who feel dead if the phone is not in their hands. I have seen people spending time with phones and not giving any attention to the people around him. This is madness only. Overusing or overdoing anything is always bad and leave us in difficulties.
    We should be able to use them for our benefit and betterment. But we should not allow electronic gadgets to use is as they like.

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    With the introduction of smartphones, it has eased our process of learning. .in case of doubt go to google and get your confusion clarified. We may pass our time with the indulgence of smartphones enjoying numerous features such as face book, what's app, Instagram and many more plateforms. To that extent, it is right to resort to smartphone. But now we have observed certain peculiarities such as ignoring the friends and other relatives due to engagement with such phones. Such people are not in talking mode despite the fact that that someone is sitting before him interested for chat but no such activity is forthcoming.
    Addiction to that level is really alarming and this has caused overall detorioration of our health and disrupting our normal activities.

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    Every coin has two faces. These modern gadgets are very useful for us but at the same time if we become addictive to these items then they will be detrimental to ones life in various negative ways. So, any scientific invention is to be used for the purpose it is designed and not for our own addictive indulgence. Today parents are giving a smartphone to small kids and feeling happy about it that he is able to play some app in that and enjoy the comic or some fun for children. Actually it is not a thing that parents should be proud of. They should not allow the kids to waste time in such addictive gadgets.
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    There are two faces of every coin. Yes, these gadgets are very useful for us and most importantly these gadgets have made our lives comfortable. But if you will not use these gadgets and electronic items, you will be in problem. You have to use these items wisely for the welfare of yourselves and for the welfare of society.
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    It is not only the gadgets or devices but anything which makes us addictive and wastes our time is equally harmful to all of us. Before smartphones people were addicted to playing cards for long long hours ignoring their duties. That was also a waste of time.
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