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    Do not consume decoction in excessive quantity to strengthen immunity otherwise, there may be other

    The whole world is troubled by the coronavirus epidemic and so far millions of people have lost their lives due to this virus. It is important to have a strong immunity to survive an infection and to recover as soon as possible after getting caught.

    Experts have also advised people to drink decoction to increase immunity. The decoction is also being given to infected patients and positive results have also been found.

    During this time it is also found that people are taking decoction in their own way to increase immunity as they wish, but it is wrong to do so. It is also right to increase the immunity of the body to an extent, so to avoid the corona itself take care of yourself, but also be wise to understand that excess of anything is not good in any manner.
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    The author is absolutely right in her observation as people are on a mad spree to buy immunity boosters or some decoction to improve or strengthen their immunity to prevent themselves against the virus, but that is not going to help in the long term. Businesses are also milking this opportunity in the name of fear and selling so many things as an immunity booster.

    Building up the immunity naturally and using some external medicines or decoction is totally different. A person with a strong mind and happy nature has a better immunity than a lethargic and fearful person. So, first working on oneself is more important than just depending upon the immunity boosters. Taking precautions is more important, maintaining distance and using a mask is more important, and using a natural immunity supplement will be more helpful than consuming anything and everything out of fear.

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    Very true said by the author. People are going to be psychological due to this corona virus. They are blindly using a decoction or immunity booster to save themselves. But, its effect on the body is not guaranteed. It may adversely effect on health. A person with good nutrition and regular exercise can have a better immune system. So, firstly we should try to keep fit ourself naturally.
    wearing always mask, maintaining social distance and washing hand frequently is some of the preventive measures by which we can safe from the corona virus.

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    How to keep corona away.
    1. Wear facemask while in crowd
    2. Maintain a social distance of 6 feet
    3. Avoid touching your face, especially the mouth nose and ears with your fingers.
    4. After returning home, wash your hands thoroughly.
    5. Drink sufficient water, especially jeera mixed water.
    6. Eat spicy food containing Ginger, Garlic, Glove, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardomom, Tulsi(bazil) etc.
    7. Avoid using immunity boosters in the market by the cheaters.

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    Due to prevailing situation of Corona, everyone is trying to boost up their immunity by taking up some Ayurvedic herbs such as Giloy, Tulasi, Ginger, Cinnamom, Aloevera etc. Some firms have formulated concoction containing a number of herbs with varying proportions. Such a concoction may not suit to entire consumers since the demand of the body of such herbs would vary due to their constituents. Hence if it is suiting to somebody else, you may not that much benifit. What is worse, the combination of such herbs may produce side effects to some of consumers due to intolerance of some of the herbs present in the concoction.
    However, such Ayurvedic Firms mushrooming now days cannot provide you guarantee of the purity of herbs used in such a process and the presence of heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic etc would have its telling effects on our metabolism.
    Hence instead of using such a combination, use home made spices or herbs such as Tulasi Leaves, Drinking warm water mixed with Lemon juice, a small piece of Cardamom prior to meal etc. Take care of your sleep cycle and lead a stress free life.

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    In practice there is a word of saying that we cannot have yield if we plant handful seeds at a time. Like that even nectar consumed more than prescribed level leads to danger. Similarly the decoction consumed excessive quantity or frequent consumption leads to danger. The herbal decoction suggested by Government is good to improve immunity but for that the quantity should not get increased on any account.

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    Even before the corona virus affected India, we are habituated to black tea or decoction and that is now continued with pepper other herbs and ginger added to it to increase the immunity. Normally village people are habituated to such drinks and even the Dania tea is famous in our places. So what I mean to say that though warnings are given by the doctors and well wishers not to over dose of such desi drinks it is the fact that Kabasura Kudi neer with 14 herbs is very strong and should not be taken often in a day and being strong, one time is enough to gain the strength and immunity. If at all India has registered so many successful discharges from the Covid cases because it is the effect of the decoction which is even recommended by the Ayush Ministry. Those who are not habituated such drinks should play safe and have little.
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    Overdose or overdoing is never good. A hen may give you an egg every day. But by opening the stomach of the hen you can't get all the eggs on one day. Moreover, then hen may die also. That means you are losing the daily one egg also. This will hold good in each and every aspect of life.
    For any action, there will be boundaries and limits. One should not cross the boundaries or exceed the limits. If you go against this, you will be landed in the wrong place always.
    Now Immunity is the mantra. All talk about immunity and all want to see that their immunity levels are up. In this pursuit, some may be overdoing. Taking more decoction will never give you instant immunity. So let us not be mad. Understand the science behind and try to follow the precautions and be safe. A portion of proper timely food, proper timely sufficient sleep and physical exercise will keep your immunity levels at the correct level.

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