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    Divine power shows us the way in difficult times

    We have always heard that God also helps the one who helps himself and therefore every human being keeps helping himself through constant efforts in his life. But once in everyone's life, there comes a time when man is about to give up, but then suddenly something positive happens in life and that our belief in a divine power is increased.

    A trust is a strong belief in something without logical evidence or sometimes with logical evidence. We have developed a faith in God - a belief that he is capable, he is trying to teach us to do our work with honesty and trust God completely, and our this faith also gives us victory.

    Did such a time come in your life or someone you know, when you were about to give up and then some divine power showed you a direction and gave you great confidence?
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    I want to share a story I read in this connection.
    In a place there was an apartment construction was going on. Many workers were engaged and the work was going in full swing. The owner came there to see the development. He took the engineer in charge to the first floor and was seeing the work from there. On he asking something the engineer want to get clarification from the supervisor, so the engineer called the supervisor who was in the ground. As he was giving instructions to workers, the voice of engineer did not reach him. Engineer immediately put a five rupee coin on him from up. Supervisor unnoticed this but took the coin and kept in his pocket. Again the engineer put a ten rupee coin on him. Supervisor again took that coin and kept in his pocket. Now the engineer took a small stone and put on him, now the supervisor suddenly looked up who thrown the stone on him. Engineer waved his hand to come up and they finished their talking. The owner seen the engineer's activity with puzzling. The engineer replied with smile as, 'This is human's daily practice. when I throw coins he did not noticed but raised his head if a stone fall on him. Like this we never think of God whenever He give this and that but when a sorrow or problem come to us, we immediately think of God'.

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    God would be testing each person as to how far they can sustain the challenges of life on their own without getting perturbed nor seeking help from others. By giving constant challenges, God want to test whether the person invokes the divine intervention to solve his problem. Some people has the courage and ability to manage the situation and would not think of God nor seek the help. In that case the God would teach them a lesson by giving such a situation that he should forget all his past confidence and now make him to be more dependable for some one help. Here in this situation the person changes and try to cry inside as to what happened to his life and why it is ruining slowly. If that thought comes, then the divine intervention starts slowly helping him realize the importance of sad moments and getting out of it.
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    The Divine power will be helping us when there is a need But we should have faith in him and pray Him to help us. We should remember Him always and when we are in good position also we should thank God for whatever he has given. But we never do that but we remember Him only when we are in a problem. If our attitude is good and we have the habit of helping others when they need, for us we will get from unknown sources also when there is a need. If we help somebody today, we may get help from the same person and from someone else when there is a need. That is the power of God. We should have faith in God and we pray Him without any wish. Then He will give us whatever is good to us.
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    Many people believe that God helps them in time of adversity and they worship Him with more vigour. This is only a matter of faith and belief and nothing more than that. Interesting thing is that whether one believes in God or some other super power or some other entity the effect is same. Faith always prevails. I have seen people going every year to their native place and perform the annual puja of the local deity and then they get relieved that now everything would be good only. So, belief works here. There is a theory that things would happen in the destined way whatever one tries to do and if we believe in this theory then there are less problems in our lives.
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