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    Lubricants reduce the physical friction but what will act as lubricant for non-physical.

    We all know that when two objects rub each other, heat is generated due to friction. As we rub our palms together, heat is generated due to friction. To reduce the friction we lubricate the things to make the process smooth like we put lubricants in wheel axle to reduce friction and get a smooth ride and so on with other objects where friction is more.

    In same fashion, when two thoughts meet there is also friction. It can be internal friction within us or external when we are in conversation with someone else. If the thoughts are the same or good-natured then the ride is smooth but when they are opposite to each other there is bound to be a pull or force and ultimately friction is generated.

    Now, for physical things we know that lubricants can make things smooth but for non-physical or mental friction what shall be done? What will act as a lubricant for internal or external mental friction?
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    Very nice thought. What are the lubricants that reduce friction in our lives? I feel meditation, maintaining cool, patience and understanding are the lubricants available for us. If someone is rubbing us with their actions or words, if we maintain our coolness, there will not be a chance for friction. If we try to understand the point of view of the other person, chances for friction are less. If we leave our short temper and we patiently here others also chances of friction are less. When we want to push our case without understanding the point of others, the dispute starts and friction will develop.
    If we meditate and keep our mind always in our control we will never lose our temper and there is no chance for the development of friction. Once we start practising these, we will become more matured and chances of friction with others will come down.

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    The lubricant you search to use between two non physical are the love, affection, patience and tolerance. These are the lubricant variants that will help us to avoid friction. In the absence of above will cause damage to the non physical elements. Remember LAPT (Love-Affection-Patience-Tolerance), a magical lubricant.
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    Nice response Dr Rao and SuN. Both meditation and true love ( unattached, unconditional love)for any object will act as a good lubricant in refining the thought process. Also developing a sense of humor is said to benefit the thought, and hence can be used as an add on or catalyst to improve the working of the above mentioned lubrication process.

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    This is an interesting subject raised by the author. When two human beings interact we require some short of control and smoothening over their talks so that they should not exceed the limits and start confrontation sometimes leading to physical fight. What could be the nature of this control and how it would work. One thing which can be thought of is common goal. If these two people have a common objective or goal then they would not cross that limit and would remain composed. Another could be equality which means that if people are valued and considered by someone in the same fashion and respect then there is no problem and their talks would remain within a boundary. So there are certain situation where the friction would not increase and the relations would remain cordial.
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    To avoid friction between two parts or to ease out jam between the two parts, the lubricants are used to ease the performance. And for the mental friction, reading good books, listening to great music and playing with children are the great stress busters surely these would act as the best lubricant. When there is give and take policy between the person the question of mental friction does not arise. And when we allow intrusion of others into our life and comment about our way life would certainly get into mental friction. So how to keep our mental stability good and healthy is very much in our hand. And winners are those who take the life sportively and never read between the lines of others comments and review of our doings in life because they do not care for such comments as they have done it properly,
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