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    Will the world be able to achieve the goals of sustainable development by 2030?

    By sustainable development, we mean such development, which fulfills the needs of the present time without affecting the ability of our future generations to meet their needs. The intention of improving civil rights and their standard of living is reflected in the 17 goals set by the United Nations and member countries under the Sustainable Development Goals, but the commitment to resolve a reality does not remain the same in all countries.

    Development should not be seen only concerning the economic development of the country. Development refers to the standard of living of human beings which includes improving the economic and social status of people, alleviating poverty, meeting basic needs like education, health, employment, housing, drinking water and sanitation and social justice, equality, and human skills.

    There is a need to put more effort by every individual and institution at the national and state and local level to fulfill the aspirations of the people for the overall development while preserving the environment.

    Will all countries be able to achieve the targets set for sustainable development by 2030? what do you think of this?
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    There is no end to goals and achievements. Spending a day peacefully is achivement. Every day is a successful day. We could make many changes. A big screen has become a small screen. Distance between the people have been reduced due to videos and audios. Machines have replaced human beings. We could reach the far lying planets.

    At the same time, An idly that was costing three paise in the past is now costing Rs. 10/-(1000 paise).

    No doubt, we will keep on planning and keep achieving in all areas of life.

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    It is too early to predict that. If we see the present condition of the world, forget about the sustained development, can we avoid deaths due to starving, is the real question. We talk too many things and we make jugglery with our language proficiency. All these are only some plans without a proper action plan.
    India is an independent nation. How much development we have seen. Rich people are becoming richer and poor people are becoming poorer. Is it sustained development?

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    We can only hope and I am sure the countries all over the world are equally finding ways to achieve the target. The economic development of all countries is essential and that development has to be real and not on paper. The situation has become unpredictable and it seems it is quite difficult to sensitize people on various issues. If we take the case of the environment, we will see that still there are many people who are not following the guidelines and polluting the environment. We all have a role to play to sensitize these types of people and only then such a monumental task can be done. We need to take the initiatives ourselves because if we fail we will remain answerable to the next generation.

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    Big promises and oaths are taken by powerful people every year and yet, by the end of the year, there's again the same pity and gloomy face seen same as each past year due to failure in fulfilling the big big goals and decisions. The people win elections and they lure common people with all kind of development and they portray an imaginary world. This is absolutely a wrong way to win elections by emotionally using people's demands and deterioration of the planet Earth resources to fulfill the greed of snobbish people. Planet Earth is an organic planet but due to increase in population and greed of few sections of people, the earth is polluted. Huge lumps of organic garbage is also creating a huge problem due to this lockdown as recycling centres were shut down. This would have led to an increase in the production of methane gas and enormous amount of greenhouses gas. Inorganic waste products such as plastics are a huge problem. Proper steps of decomposition are to be taken. People must use organic products and minimise the use of inorganic products.
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    While the author has been concerned about the world's sustainable growth, it is for the respective countries to chalk out their future goals and none would come for help or succor. At present the world order is very questionable with pandemic toll taking the very economy of every country to the beating, on the other hand the vagaries of nature doing destructive activities in many countries and it takes years to bring back past glories with infrastructure developments to its place again. Even in India we are facing the same problems. So far our economy was lull for six months and just started to grow and it takes further time to be in bloom. But the center owes much money to the states and there seems to be silent confronting going on. So problems galore every where across the world and thinking of sustained growth in another 10 years is for too much asking.
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