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    We remember persons only we really benefited through him

    We seldom remember people unless otherwise he or she helped us in critical situation. But humanity is to remember persons always.
    Similarly Gandhi Ji is a person who fought for our freedom from British. But only politicians do remember him and honor on his birth day and memorial day. Yesterday, Mahatma Gandhi's birth day celebrated all over India but it is pity to see people work in some offices or work stations in spite of declaring National Holiday. For this the Government can relax the strictness in declaring Holidays.
    However, our great Mahatma Gandhi is remembered all parts of the world, as I read in one magazine about his statues.
    *Though Mahatma never went to America, his statue is there in the Columbus College. And there are statues for Mahatma in US at more than forty places.
    ** An incident at South Africa happened to Mahatma gave radical change in his life. In Peter Maritsberg Church Street a Statue is there to our Mahatma
    ***In Aguna Panda Street, Brisbennin street of Austraila there are statues for Mahatma Ji.
    **** In Uganna, near the area Jimca, a Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi is there to remember his ashes were dissolved in Nile River
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    A person start any activity on his own and if the act has the power to gather others and has the ability to pull people to its stride, that would become a great moment to reckon with. Same has happened with Mahatma Gandhi when he saw the wrong doings done on the black and to even meted to himself has taken the matter seriously and started to think freeing even India from the British rule. That way he has gained importance across the world and he is not only father of the nation for India, he is the path breaker and given the freedom to many in the world and thus erecting statues in his honor is always happened and even today the whole world regarding him very much for his simplicity, authoritative, crowd puller and above all has the niche to create a fear among the British who had the weapons but failed.
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    We should remember the persons who sacrificed their lives for serving mankind or the nation. We should always pay our respects to them not only on some specific days but always. The birthdays of such people should be remembered and pay our tributes to them on that day. We need not stop working on that day but we should pray and thank for all he did and then go for our work. That shows that we have gratitude towards that man. All Indians should have gratitude towards Gandhiji. He helped the country a lot. He never cared for his personal benefits and thought of the nation only.
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    To some extent the author's contention is correct that most of the people only remember others when they are benefited by that relationship. For example if a politician has helped us in getting a job for our children we would never forget him and praise him in society and public wherever we go. This is a common human behaviour. But it is also our duty to remember those selfless people who have done a lot for the fellow beings and public at large. Mahatma Gandhi was one such person who did not take any personal advantage out of the freedom movement.
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