Wisdom is the key to freedom

People want to live their lives freely whether it is a job, family life or any other relationship. Sometimes many people also want freedom from their responsibilities. This freedom gives them happiness, but it may be for a short period. Freedom is innate, and there must be a balance in life between freedom and activity. But freedom can be maintained by wisdom. Wisdom is the quality of being wise that can be acquired from the knowledge, understanding and past experiences. Having wisdom a person becomes capable of good judgement and can manage everything in any life situation.

Wisdom makes a person capable of thinking and when anybody can think and can make the wise decision himself, and then in the true sense he has the freedom to think and decide. In fact, wisdom makes freedom more valuable. It prevents life from the worst situation and makes it peaceful. So, one who has wisdom will have a strong character, ability to influence others and good judgement. All these things give strength and happiness, which ultimately gives freedom.

Entry for Topic based TOW contest for Sept '20- topic-'Wisdom'