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    Not against learning additional languages, but against insulting other languages

    People are nowadays creating panic that there is an insistence to learn other languages in many states. Learning an additional language is not bad and there is no correctness in arguing against the insistence on the same. In certain situations such strictness is necessary. I am not against learning any additional language. But I am dead against people insulting other languages and saying that their language is superior than any other. Every language of course has its own history and superiority. On no account should one insult the other languages.

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    The author should understand that learning additional language would hugely benefit us in the long run and it is not the superiority or inferiority complex as opined by the author. For example we in Telangana has the edge of knowing more languages as our mother tongue is Tamil and our children know the same , Telugu being the state language, one subject has to be studied and that is done, then Hindi is the national language and that runs as the second language and the medium of instruction is English. Therefore our children are exposed to four languages and that is great deal to counter anywhere in the country. Moreover where ever we are we have to respect the local language and must be learned without ill feeling. It is not forced on us but it would be added advantage to learn the local language in the long run.
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    I agree. Learning or not learning a language is the individual's choice. We can't force a language on somebody and we should not stop somebody if they are interested in learning a new language. My mother tongue is favourite and similarly, your mother tongue is great to you. But never say that some languages are bad and we should not hate them.
    Learning more languages may help somebody to get more information as he can read the information available in all the languages. But people are staying in the same native Stated will not have the chance to learn an additional language as there is no necessity for him.

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    I would like to request the author to change the title of the thread otherwise, it seems other languages are insulted.

    It depends on the individual whether to learn a new language or not but in any case, nobody should think that their mother tongue is superior to any other language. While knowing many languages has an advantage, it has to be put into use. I think India is the only country in the world where so many languages are spoken. Here you will find people of many castes, creed and religion whose language, dress, food-habit varies from place to place. Each language has its own speciality and everybody prefers to speak in her/his mother tongue. In such a situation it is always preferable to promote education in the local language but learning a few other languages will help to broaden the perspective.


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    The author is against insulting a language while ready to learn a new language. True. We should learn a language that would be helpful to us. If I being a Tamil feel that Hindi is a language to learn to survive in Delhi, I should learn it on my own. It should not be a compulsion or forced upon someone to learn a language. At the same time, one should not drumbeat about their own language as superior and call other languages as substandard or worthless.
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    Language is a major means of expressing ideas, it is the group of words and sentences, which are spoken by the mouth, through which the mind is told. With the help of language, people of a particular society or country express their feelings or thoughts to each other. Many different languages ??are spoken in the world. Every person is familiar with the language of their mother tongue or country since childhood but is unable to connect with the language of another country or society. The linguistic experts have thus established different classes of languages ??and formed different branches of each of them. It is the person's own choice whether he is interested in learning additional languages ??or not, but sometimes due to circumstances people also learn additional languages.

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    My point is not to insult any language whether willing to learn or not. I know Hindi, Telugu,Malayalam and Sanskrit besides my mother tongue Tamil. But never think which is best and never insult other language people. When I happened to see a person insulting the language of his mother tongue, I got pain in me and start the thread. I know very well about learning the languages as I went almost all parts of our country.

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    No language is superior and no language is inferior. Only difference is in the number of people speaking a particular language. In Europe there are so many languages and students take it so easily and know 2-3 languages. In our country also we have so many languages but people are generally confined to their own language. Some bad element are there who insult other languages and that is in a very bad taste. We should try to learn at least one regional language other than our own state language. That would bring a good harmony between the different people.
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    While talking to the importance of languages, no language is either superior or inferior. We are deeply attached to the language with which we have started our learning. Such a weakness will prevail but we should not jump into the conclusion that the other language is inferior without knowing its history and the contributions of the writers. Languages are rich in the sense that we get the compilations of contributions of many writers of the past apart from the present ones. It would be a wise idea to examine the rich tastes of a particular language by going deeply through it.

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    Insulting any language is in bad taste. If one cannot learn a language then it does not mean that one would degrade it. We all are learning English with interest. Why? It is not our language. We should respect the regional languages in our country and I suggest that Govt should make it compulsory for people to learn at least one more language other than one's own state language.

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