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    In the name of organic vegetables, are we for taken a ride?

    Post COVID-19 pandemic and after effects on the markets, many households are not ready to buy the vegetables from unknown sources and even the vegetables being sold online is not accepted readily. The current trend is to have organic fruits and vegetables. Since most of the farmers use the manures and chemicals besides fertilizers, growing organic fruits and vegetables does not appear to be a practical and regular feature. However we are seeing vegetables marked as organic flooding the market and the vendors are charging almost one and half time more than the regular price. Have you noticed it?
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    Make hay while the sun shines. This is the concept. Organic growing may be more costly and yield may be less. That is why organic fruits and vegetables will cost a little more than normal fruits and vegetables. When the demand is more and the supply is less, the rates will go up. The mindset of the purchaser is also an important factor. When people believe that something is good, they are ready to pay a little more. All these factors are making these organic products costly. If the customer is not ready to purchase, rates will come down. But when the purchaser go after the products this situation will arise.
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    Absolutley right Dr Rao sir, I agree with your pov. The organic veg fad is becoming the new norm as everyone has become concious about the kind of food they intake. Health conciousness has suddenly become more massive post- covid because everyone is now concerned about improving their immunity in order to be able to cope up with the symptoms of the virus. As that is one of the only medicine available to us until the vaccine is ready.

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    Many vegetable sellers are making money by claiming that their products are organic. The market is suddenly flooded with organic products. The problem is how to confirm and check for the authenticity of the product. Anyway, gullible people are buying these items and sellers are happy. Interestingly the organic products are costlier about one and half times that of normal products. So, the margin of profit increases much and sellers would try to do that wherever people are there to buy it. Our governance is not so good that we can monitor and control these things in the market.
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