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    A request to the editors to delete the duplicate institute

    While adding new courses to the institute I have already posted, I found the same institute available in two different links. The institute with the link has only one course added to it and in place of the description of the institute, just above About the training school, it is highlighted in red that "The status of this Training is Deleted."

    The same institute is available in the link, where many courses are already added and I am adding new courses in this link only. Here, one course, SEO Training is added twice, maybe my mistake, where the fees are mentioned in one place and the other one has no fees mentioned. I am requesting the editors to delete the course SEO Training where the fees are not mentioned and also to delete the duplicate institute in the link to avoid any confusion.
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    Sankalan, the section editors have been informed to do the needful.
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    Sankalan, the duplicate institute post was deleted long back when the post was first reviewed. It is no more listed in the institute home page. As for the duplicate course, I did try to delete it, but other than a mere change in the font colour of the course title, there does not seem to be any other change in its status. Anyway, I will put this to Tony Sir.
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    Sankalan, a few pointers while selecting course groups. Courses related to web designing, put them into the group 'Web Design'. Courses related to SEO can be put into 'Search Engine Optimisation' or Digital Marketing in fact, as SEO is also part of Digital Marketing only. There is a group for PHP, Opencart can come in the software group and HTML in the Web Design group. Bringing these necessary changes on your part will save us from the effort.
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    Thank you Saji Sir and Dhruv. I will follow your suggestions regarding the selection of groups while adding new courses.

    While the particular institute is not on the homepage of Institutes, see to it if the link of the duplicate institute can be deleted altogether. Because when it is available in a particular link it is available in some other locations than the home page.


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