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This thread is the winner of a special prize in the Topic-based TOW contest for Sept '20 on the topic 'Wisdom'.
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    Wisdom is the essence of life

    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.", said by Socrates. The above quotation is a matter of introspection for every human being. We have a brain, so we must use it in a very broad-minded manner. The persons having a one-track mind cannot adjust to or accept the variations that come in their lives, but having a unbiased mind helps to evaluate all the possible angles a situation can offer. So, it's better to consider oneself an ignorant, then only the scope of knowledge, the power of self-realization, even the ability to judge enhances. This is called wisdom, isn't it so?

    Knowing can be extensive or partial, even it can be harmless or harmful. Self-realization can make someone humble or arrogant, and the same is the case with the ability to judge: right or wrong. Such type of position usually people come across in family, courtroom, office, in business circle, among friends, even on the road and in our day to day life. Thus, one must keep oneself very open-minded. Without having the quality to analyze any issue within each option, one cannot come up with a righteous point. A one-track mind of human beings is the root cause behind families getting fragmented. Even judgement in courts are sometimes dubious, true friendship is rare, cheaters are leading a happy life, joint ventures are collapsing, quarrelling is a regular feature on the roads, and every ugly spat represents the lack of wisdom.

    Socrates philosophy stands perfect, and it will prove to be so throughout the existence of the human race. Let's all have the ability to learn more and more, which will help us to keep our eyes wide open, and it will infuse the power of wisdom. Life will then not lose its essence.

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    Wisdom comes from right information and authenticity. People are called foolish, naive and immature due to certain circumstancial reasons. But, very often the people who are very fond of pointing fingers at others before introspection are the ones at fault. Mistakes are made by everyone. People who don't make mistakes, don't learn something new. Being tutored and experimenting are completely different ways of learning. Knowledge gives us power and the confidence to build a wise consciousness to tackle every obstruction and lead an optimistic life. We must know our own boundaries and before pointing fingers at other's or passing inappropriate comments, we must introspect and understand the circumstance from every aspect by being and unbiased judge and listen to other's points of views and respect their independent views.
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    Drawing inspiration from others and through the well educated means if the person is not getting into wiser mode. then it is the waste of life. If not for the self, one need to acquire wisdom because many are concerned about us and they need a qualitative change in our way of life and that is possible only through wise moves. In this competitive world none going to help us as how to be wiser than us because our weakness and loopholes are the advantage of some to surge ahead. However there are every chance for the people to be wiser when they move with the peer group. In the sense, we are already habituated to the likes and agreeing of peer group members, and they have the rights to correct our misbehavior and also suggest improvements. In that way we are blessed to have such concerned people around us.
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    Without wisdom and knowledge, we can not achieve the ultimate goal of our life. Now, if we do not use the most important instrument like intelligence to achieve the goal of our life, then there will be no fooler than us. We can also call wisdom as a reason why we are here. The working style of the intellect is - by analyzing the information collected by the prescribed measurement rules, to decide the truth and falsity of that subject. It is a reverence to believe the decision made by the intellect. To get the right intelligence, we must obtain the path of knowledge or path of action. As we move forward on the path of attainment, our intelligence gets correct. The field of intellect is limited to the creation of a subject.

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    Wisdom cannot be achieved unless we open our vision so that we can analyse the situation with the application of our mind. Sitting ideally or remained confined in a place would not enhance our wisdom rather it requires the cluster of people with whom we can talk freely on different dimensions and are equally responsive to their ideas and suggestions. Our mind would work the best if we have certain knowledge in that direction. Wisdom does not say that we should be self centred always thinking of our benifits but our perspectives should be enlarged so that we could develop our concern even for economically deprived person of the society. However, some sections in our society are not governed by such broad concepts. They would apply their sense to use a man for their own benifits and this is not the case of wisdom but a sheer case of cunningness.

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    We can't be wise if we never introspect ourselves. We should give time to analyse ourselves and know what are the shortcomings and how to overcome those. Then we will learn from our mistakes and we can become wise. We can improve our life by doing this self-analysis. One should know his strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, we have to amend our style of working. When we analyse and take the amendments we should not think of our own benefits or losses, we should also consider the losses to nature because of our acts. We should decide on the actions based on all these points. Then only we can say we have some wisdom.
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    Well said and we should strive hard to achieve wisdom in our lives. That is the ultimate perfection and final goal when a person reaches a stage of completeness. Wisdom is something to be slowly acquired with time utilising the experience gained so far in ones life. Acquiring text book knowledge, skills, tools for working successfully in workplace is a common thing but does not lead to wisdom unless adequate experience is gained. The journey to acquire wisdom is a long one and more the person is experienced and seasoned, more chances of acquiring wisdom would be there.
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    The whole purpose of our lives is to learn and acquire knowledge and use it for positive and constructive purposes and in the process become wiser and wiser. The ultimate aim is definitely to acquire wisdom.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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