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    Clarity is more important before making a choice

    In our day to day lives, we are encompassed with a variety of choices. We often find ourselves in a state of perplexion before coming to a decision. The best way to overcome the perplexion problem is by minimizing our demands and setting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries increases the chances of loving ourselves more and it also boosts our self esteem. Clarity is more important before conveying a message. Suppose, you need to have a coffee and it's quite obvious you will ask for a coffee on the counter. So, there is no perplexion. But, suppose, on the counter you get perplexed after noticing variety of items in the shop and you get distracted. This is problematic, isn't it?
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    When we talk to someone or conveying some message to some one it must be guarded and ensure authenticity and our vouching so that others will not get any iota of doubts. One of my friend was looking out for the Independent house for rent and while I was doing walking came across a house being given for rent and given the same information to my friend. But he delayed to contact that owner and the house was given to some one else for rent. Now the information given by me was correct and if the opposite person does not give the credence and then take the belated actions, the end results going to be nothing. Here what I mean to say that we must convey the right information more in clarity and the opposite person should receive and act with same intensity otherwise we are also wasting our time.
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    The author is right. It often happens that when we give a message to someone or want to reach that message further, till the last point is reached, the real meaning of the message changes. It is better to clarify when conveying the message that the person has understood the true meaning of the message or not because now he is going to be the medium of your message, then it is very important that he can communicate the message with the feelings of the person then a message in its true form reaches the last person.

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    Clarity is very important. That is why we should convey the message very precisely so that there will not be any communication gap. When we have to make a decision, we will think of the pros and cons. But we should have a clear picture of the actual situation, Then only we can take a very apt decision. If we decide without analysing the complete situation and clarity, the chances of the decision going wrong will be very high.
    Some people try to convey the message very straight. But some will use that occasion to showcase their strong vocabulary power. In such a case the other person may not get the message what the other person wanted to convey and land up in difficulties.
    A teacher who teaches the students should also able to convey the subject with very good clarity. Otherwise, the students will not understand the lesson properly and they may remain with many doubts.
    Like this clarity plays an important role in many areas in our life.

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    While passing on a message we don't bother to what extent the other party has understood the same. We take it granted that the entire message passed on to the party has been understood very clearly but the fact may be otherwise. It is because no objection or no question is raised from the other end confusing the prime messenger how far he was clear to the message. Hence it is always important to ensure that the message has reached to other end without getting it diluted. In this context, there should not be any irritation to the other party if he is asked to clarify the statement reached to him.

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    When we have many options then first thing is to get details of each of the options and its viability and then only comes the task of selecting the best out of them. We should not make haste in this as sometimes the selection would be wrong if we do not ponder much in the selection process.
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    Clarity is an essential element in our life whether it is in conversation or executing a job or conveying a message or informing someone for something. For example if my son tell me that being a holiday he is going with his friend for some outing in the city and they would be going to some shopping complex or mall and enjoy some time there and leaves the house at 10 AM after breakfast then it is an ambiguous statement. Before he leaves he must tell or answer my questions to make the things clear. I would ask him that whether they would have lunch there itself or we should keep for him. Another thing is who are those friends (including girl friends) so that in case of emergency we can contact them or their parents can contact us. It is better if he provides phone number of one of those friends to us. If he says he does not know how much time it would take and he might be returning in the late evening then he must give a call in the evening telling that outing is complete and he is coming back. This is necessary because if we are going out and there is none in the house then he should take the duplicate key with him. Until unless all these things are clarified I would not allow him to leave the house. This is an example of clarity.
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