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    World concerned about US President Trump's health

    US President Donald Trump was admitted to the Reed Military hospitals at Bethesda and over the past few hours contradictory news were emanating. While the White house said that next 48 hours would be very crucial and the doctors are monitoring his health are attending him closely, in a latest four minute video on Twitter Trump himself said that he is much better now. While the world is praying for speedy recovery of the world's most strongest leader, the conflicting reports raise much concern and the Reed Hospital should clarify the position often.
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    US is a super power and one of the veto country in UNO. The president of US is a big person and all eyes are towards him as he can bring any change in the world by changing its policy especially the foreign policy. So, if such an important person falls ill then it becomes an important news for whole the world and people are seen concerned for his early recovery. One of the most powerful person on Earth is in the grip of pandemic and it is definitely a matter of concern as most of the countries in the world are affiliated with US in one way or other.
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    The most powerful man on the earth is also suffering from COVID19. That indicates the power of COVID 19. The elections are in another one month almost. Trump is also contesting. Now is this ill-health help him to get sympathy and win in the elections.
    The USA is the most powerful country, The decisions taken by the country will have a lot of impact on the other countries of the world. So the man in the top position there will be a very important person. So all are showing interest in his health.
    India is in good relations with the USA. Our Prime Minister Modi is a good friend of him. These two respect each other. Next 48 hours will be crucial and let us pray for his speedy recovery.

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    I wish speedy recovery of the world's number one leader. It is very unfortunate that Corona did not spare even a great leader of this earth. I would also not mind to say that Mr. Trump is a funny guy who never protected himself by wearing a mask. He ignored wearing mask. Once he questioned why should he wear a mask. The US election is just a few weeks away. He need to gain the confidence of his voters. With this Corona attack, he might earn some sympathy votes and win. May God save Mrs and Mr President of US.
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    USA's President Donald Trump is being wished by the leaders of the world for his recovery. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished the trump couple to get well soon. Due to Corona, there is a tense situation between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, but meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping's also expressed its sympathy for Trump's. We and everyone in the world are wishing for his speedy recovery. I hope that he will recover soon and take care of his country again.
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    Now the latest news conveys that he is hale and healthy and would be discharged today.
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    Mr Trump is not an ordinary person. He is the President of a country which is a super power and advanced in many respect. The whole world watches to anything that happens in America. If there is a small change in dollar value everyone starts adjudging its currency and business implication of dollar fluctuation. This dollar is the only currency which is accepted and valued in the entire globe. I think concern for Mr Trump is genuine and natural.
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