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    Now the mask is our face.

    Talking about fake faces, today we have to hide our real faces behind masks and all this to avoid a microscopic virus. But this has become the biggest need today. That is why everyone is eagerly waiting for the vaccine to deal with this virus. But can this vaccine really bring our life back on track?
    Everyone is hoping that everything will be fine after the vaccine, masks will come off, our covered faces will open. As before, we will be able to live a "normal" life. There is no magic wand that everything will be alright. The coming vaccine will give us some relief from this epidemic. You will definitely get a chance to meet your loved ones, celebrate festivals even go to last rites. But while doing all that, we have to follow the physical difference, apply the mask and follow the rules of washing hands with sanitizer. Now all these rules need to be used. Vaccine may come in some time, but till then and after that mask is important to become our identity.
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    True we are living the world order of wearing mask which actually hiding our real face. And if some one wears the full mask it is even difficult to recognize them. But wearing mask has become compulsion and in future also this has to be carried out as daily routine. Even the vaccine is found, it is not going to be administered to all at a time and the virus would be there so we cannot take the future life granted to be free from infections. And those who criticized that masks are not necessary and body immune is enough to combat the virus are now going through the ordeal of the infections. And for ladies I feel sorry for them as they cannot make fashion statement with their costly glossy lipstick which they used to be familiarized with and I feel many are not having lipstick at all. What a change in the lives of the people?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The pandemic has got so much into our lives that we have started connecting almost everything in our lives to it. From being locked down in our houses to our depleting income, loss of jobs, inability to meet up with friends or relatives and so on, we connect everything to the pandemic. And so is the case about masks. But I think we have always been used to putting on masks and will continue doing so even after the Coronavirus stops its attack; the only difference being that they were not and would no longer be visible. As human beings, we are adept in hiding our true faces behind invisible masks. We hide our emotions and thoughts so as not to reveal our true feelings. We act so that our true self is not revealed. I am just making a common assessment and it may not be taken as a general statement. So, sanitizing, washing hands and visible masks may go away but what we actually need to be beware of is the virus within us and our efforts should be to make ourselves safe from their attack so as to create a better world.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    True. The vaccine may come but masks may not go. Even before the pandemic also many people more young girls used to mask their face with some cloth due to the pollution problems in big cities like Hyderabad. We are not able to identify even a known girl when we see her on the road with a cover on his face. If the Vaccine comes Corona threat may go but pollution problem is not going to go away and it may increase. So the necessity of masks may continue.

    Many times we hide our feeling inside and mask our feelings with a smile on the face. It may be essential also sometimes. But some people can't mask their feelings and we can easily understand the feelings of the person by seeing his face. But now because of this physical mask we are not able know that also.

    always confident

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