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    World Animal Welfare Day 2020

    World Animal Welfare Day is an international day which is celebrated every year on 4 October. World Animal Welfare Day is an important day for people around the world to show love for animals, but there are many reasons behind this day.

    While there is talk of protecting various species of animals from extinction, we should also keep in mind that we should avoid cruelty to animals. The original purpose of this day was to protect the extinct creatures and strengthen their relationship with humans.
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    Thanks, Ms Swati Sharma to start this thread. Really I do not know about this day. It is really important for us to be kind to every animal. We get many benefitted from these animals. there are many species which are endangered and are likely to be extinct from the world if measures are not taken to preserve them.

    Only Government and NGOs cannot do all the things. Every person in the world should be aware and should work on this field.

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    On this world animal welfare day my greetings goes to all the animal lovers who feel dear to the creatures and yet give the same love and affection much to the surprise of those animals. The other day I saw a video in which a boy who went to the hostel stay and came back to the home for festivities was first received by the pet dog on hearing his foot steps and calling. The way the dog hugged with the boy was really moving as if the separation was so long. I could seem the expression of the dog which would not leave him for many minutes. Animal lovers are there, but animals love the masters and the house members very much is seen to be believed. I have also seen some pet dogs which was well trained not to enter the kitchen area even after some one calls to join there. Animals know the rules and it is we who do not follow the basics.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I never know that there is one such day dedicated to the welfare of the animals. There are many animals which are serving the mankind. We should be thankful to such animals who are serving us. On this day of animal welfare, I thank all these species which are helping us in various ways and making us comfortable.
    These days many animals are getting extinct. We should adopt methods to save them and see that they will not get extinct. Some times we behave very badly with animals and they may be causing us in their language which we can't understand. We all should be kind to the animals and we should not make them suffer from our actions.
    A happy Animal Welfare day for all the members of ISC.

    always confident

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    Animals are a part of our habitat and we must ensure that they also live in harmony with the humans. Being an animal lover, I strongly advocate for their welfare and urge to all to feed them and help them to remain alive on this planet.
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    If the "The original purpose of this day was to protect the extinct creatures and strengthen their relationship with humans." then it is ok or else considering the rest of the phenomenon about how the animals are used, executed, killed and slaughtered actual formed no meaning.

    I however, appreciate this concept with a hope that someday this will come true.

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    If this day is for protecting the extinct creatures and animals then the general public are no way concerned. Because the hunting and poaching would takes place inside the forest by select people who are traditionally bestowed with that kind of quality and we the public cannot stop those hunters. Recently came to know through the video that elephants are largely hunted and killed and there is no track record to keep the counts of big animals. Though animal lovers would raise the voice to protect the animals, no one has the guts to reach out deep inside the forest and take the census of animals and that would be difficult too.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    World Animal day was observed on 4th October and we all are reminded about the importance of animals in our habitat and ecosystem. These innocent animals are beneficial to humans in many ways right from giving milk to wool for our sweaters or pullovers. In this context it is our prime duty to take care of these living beings and give them a place on this planet to prosper and proliferate. We have to coexist with them. Killing them mercilessly and benefit from their dead body is not in a good taste. We must feel kind towards these precious things on Earth.
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