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    Entire life is in counting

    A person is spent his entire life counting as below:
    *Counting his fingers at his age of 5
    *Counting numbers in his age of 10
    *Counting his marks at his of 15
    *Counting his exam questions at his 20
    *Counting his salary in at his age of 25
    *Counting his friends at his age of 30
    *Counting his heirs at his age of 35
    *Counting his debt in his age 40
    *Counting his diseases at his 45
    *Counting his relations at his 50
    *Counting his tablets at his 55
    *Counting his grand children at his 60
    Then he counts his age and his days.
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    True. Counting is a part and parcel of the life of everybody. We will start learning at the age of 3 years and will go on till we go away from this world. Many of the people will spend their time counting only. A Cashier in the organisation will be spending in counting currency. An accountant will be counting profits and losses. A rich man will be counting his assets. A poor man may be counting his debts.
    We will spend a lot of our time in counting only. A good thought by the author. Now I am in the age of counting my grandchildren.

    always confident

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    Normally the author would thrill us with jokes of the day now and then and earned a niche for himself. Today he has shared something else as to counting by numbers through various stage of our life and that is through. After all the world was zero when it was about to begin the journey and will be zero after the pralay or the ultimate destruction and until then we have to count the numbers and live. For the convict he has to count the days when his case would declared for release during the Independent or Republic day because every convict conduct inside the jail makes him to be eligible to be released. Likewise for the politician after the voters have cast the votes, he would be counting the hours for the results to be declared. Therefore where ever there is expectations, the counting would be there and it will happen without fail.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Interesting lines put up by the author. Life is like that. Everything is just counting something at different stages of our lives. This narration shows very clearly that we live our lives on mercy of medicines, mercy of circumstances and like that. This has a philosophical note also. It says that life is limited in its extent and full of challenges and we should take it in the same way and do not bother for the results but continue our work at whichever capacity we are.
    Knowledge is power.

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