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    For desk jobs which gender is best?

    Invariably the private companies are preferring women employees over the men for the desk jobs and for marketing and outside works the men are needed and offered with good salaries. The receptionist post is always reserved for the ladies and why not the gents. Though I have seen some government organizations do have gents at the reception they are doing so for the absence of women employees. All the office sitting jobs are done by the women with much interest and finish the work on hand with finesse. Why men are not given the sitting jobs?
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    A beautiful receptionist in the front desk adds value to the office. When you enter into a new office where you see a good front desk with a beautiful lady sitting there, you think very positively about the office. If you are entering into the main office with a positive thought, your purpose of visiting that office will be fruitful. Indirectly the organisation will also get benefitted. That is why many offices employ lady receptionist in their offices.
    Earlier days when many ladies are not going to offices, and when they have the commuting problems, men are being employed in marketing and purchase activities. But the situation is changed. Ladies are employed in almost all professions and jobs. These days ladies are also driving all the vehicles and they don't have any problem to move around. So they are competing with men in all the jobs. But one thing is true that these days ladies can do all the jobs but men can't do some jobs which are being performed by ladies decently. The front desk job is one in that category.

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    Nowadays, both boys or girls are making a good grip in every field, but the author is right that women are given priority on desk jobs. Women do things very comfortable and in a gentle way, so they can do better to help someone. Girls explain work well than boys. You ask them anything related to the job, she tells you in detail, while the boys are busy explaining in short, they think how soon your questions should be over. Girls are relatively high in patience, due to which they do not get irritated by repeated questions. Women also spend more time with children at home and this is why there is a softness in their nature, perhaps because of this, many schools also prefer women teachers to teach young children in nurseries or primaries.

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    The first impression is the last impression. This is the main motive behind any lady receptionist in offices nowadays. People want a lasting impression for their businesses and try to welcome their clients in an impressive way. Though desk jobs are more held by female but boys also receive some desk jobs in companies. It is not only about girls doing the desk job, boys too should be welcome. However, the only thing that females are preferred is fair complexion by companies.
    But then I feel it seriously wrong that people are preferred for a job based on the colour of the skin, not the talent they possess. Though companies seek a lasting impression and attention from a client by employing a female candidate on the desk, this trend is disappointing. Both male and female candidates should get an equal opportunity in every field to prove their mettle.

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    I prefer the explanation that women are able to explain things well, a more rational one. This is true, which is why many are employed as teachers and professors. However generalizing this is wrong. I've also seen gents in desk jobs too especially in healthcate organizations like hospitals, gyms or yoga centres.

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    I do not think that there is any preference for gender in a desk job. A prolonged desk job is equally harmful for all as it can lead to back pain and things like that. Most of the office jobs are desk jobs only and as such there is no such preference given.
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    Frankly telling the female staff, if we desk job, the perfection can positively be expected rather than male staff. In my experience I have seen the difference. Reasons may be this and that, we can discuss or talk but the result is the one. The remembering power also somewhat high in them and so, the information or file we require as a senior or boss,we can get early.

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    As per my observation, the time has changed and it is more about personal choice ratherthan gender preference for any kind of jobs. Now a days many female freshers are prefering marketing, target oriented jobs to have better compensations and faster growth. But there are ladies having family responsibilities and need to get back home on time and they may prefer desk jobs.
    Regarding receptionist, this is a different kind of job especially for females only (in most of the cases) but you might have observed combination of both males and females at many reputed hotel receptions.


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