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    The value of an Idea is known only when it is implemented

    All of us will be facing many situations and we may have to find ways to come out of that situation. Many of us may be getting some troubles we have to come out of those problems tactfully.

    Different problems will have different solutions. People will have many ideas to come out of the problem. When we sit and think and write on a paper we feel that the idea is really good. Getting good ideas may be easy. But implementing those ideas is very hard. When we implement the ideas sometimes many complications will come. That is why converting mental thoughts into reality is a big challenge.

    Of course, always it may not happen. Many people think that their ideas are very good. But the implementation of those ideas only will give the desired value to the idea. I think members will accept the same.
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    The mind of humans is always brought many ideas. Sometimes, without any reason, no matter how many questions, how many ideas, and how many schemes are going on in this, if the man thinks seriously instead of making false falsehoods and tries with a true heart to fulfill it then he will do as he wishes. He can progress, he can rise as high as he wants, who can do something bigger than what he wants, but that idea will not bring any big step in your life till we execute it. After going ahead, the decision of the success or failure of that idea depends on the situation and our preparations, but present, the idea of ??exclusion is only and solely dependent on our action.

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    Truly said by the author as we do not know the benefits, advantages and even setbacks before implementing the new ideas we have to trend caution and move with best step forward. Especially when new products are introduced the market pulse must be read and actions taken. In Marwari community they used to tell the children that " Sell the salt at the forest and sell the tamarind at the sea shore or beach. There is much importance attached to this saying that when tamarind is available in plenty for free at the forest, by selling salt would be the fetching business. Likewise when the salt is available at the sea shore or beach, selling tamarind would be wise decision. That is the reason being so some communities are successful and the take the risk element sportively as the initial hiccups are gracefully faced to be the permanent business later.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Making a scheme on paper or while discussing is one thing but when it comes to implementation then the real work starts and the ground level problems are encountered which were not visualised earlier.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Implementation is the practical part of executing an idea and if there is no proper match in its conceptualisation with the practical realities of the world then the idea would flop and would be dismissed. Many times what happens is that the idea is correct and apparently looking great but the problem is that people hesitate in implementing it and are already prejudiced in their mind that if we do like this then there wold be a reaction like this and many other such relevant things and finally the idea does not see the light of the day. So until unless an idea is totally converted in reality, there is no value in it.
    Knowledge is power.

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