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    We should help only those who deserve

    It is said that people should help others who are in need of it. It could be financial help or social help or some sort of counselling which is required by some people going through a tough phase of their lives. In this reference one thing which is very important is that we should help others and there are no two opinions on this but as far as possible we should help the deserving ones. For example a poor student who is good in studies deserves help from all the quarters. A depressive person requires support from the friends and family to overcome such tendencies. There are many people in this world who do not deserve any help as they misuse it and enjoy life in the name of help. There are many cheats and frauds also who are engaged in such activities. So, before helping any person we should find out his credentials and should not help blindly. What is the opinion of the members?
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    We generally help the poor or needy only. But sometimes some well clad people also come in a group and tell that they are making a temple or helping the poor through a NGO and insist for some donation. Under pressure of the group we sometimes give some money to them also but I think we should not give to these people as they are not reliable and we do not know whether they use it properly or not.
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    Rightly said by the author that we should reach out to those who deserve the help and in this regard what I have seen that the real person in distress would not even tell others about his immediate requirement and he would sulk from others and not even reveal about his problems and it is we , who have to look after such people who truly deserves help because their self respect would prevent them to approach for the help. I have helped many people while reading their face and the way they gone fatigue. Offered them food and even given them some money as solace. Those kinds of people would hesitate first not to accept any favor or food. but we have to pursue them that we are also like their family member and they need not hesitate to take the help. That way they would mend their self respect and accept our helps.
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    True. We should not help a person who never deserves it. But certain help we can do without thinking anything. For example, a person met with an accident and we see him and immediately we can help him by shifting him to the hospital or informing the police or phoning up for an ambulance. In that case, we need not think who is that person and whether he deserves help or not.
    Similarly, if a person is starving for some food, we can give him some food and see that he will survive. We need not think about the person's background.
    But if somebody comes and ask you to give some money, we can look into the person's history and see whether he deserves the help or not. Some people waste the money what we gave them thinking that they are good. Helping is good but don't help people who indulge in bad habits and try to exploit your good nature.

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