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    Is media, as the fourth pillar of democracy, under threat?

    Dear members, do you agree with the view that media is no longer independent or free in our country, as it should be. Rather it has become a puppet to the whims of political and corporate machinery. Real on ground reports are not shown, rather a pseudo-narrative is created to keep the viewers hooked on. Case in point is the latest episode of the media conducting a witch hunt of drug peddlers in the film industry whereas we had horrific incidents happening in other states. What are your opinions? What steps can be taken so that this pillar of democratic institution does not fall?

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    I am also at the loss to understand that the media must act as the bridge between the government and the people and it should bring the facts of every news happening before us. But harping on one news for the past 100 days has become bore some and there is no concrete evidence clinched so far and thus 100 days of man days wasted on one matter of no importance to the public. Though one must appreciate the investigative journalism and that must be used to corner the government which indulges in scams and not giving the schemes announced. Instead of that the media is going too personal on issues of Bollywood and we are denied of other basic news. Most of the media are taking stands with political parties and their news content are supporting them and thus real news is denied except the Doordarshan.
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    To some extent, exposing the the drug peddlers before the public and the government is alright since this will help both to know how severely it has penetrated in the different section of the society including the film industry. However, displaying the similar episode regularly will create nothing but the boring effect.
    Moreover, it appears that there is some diversion from the earlier stand of the CBI. Instead of nabbing the man involved in Sushant's case, they have landed into the role of drug peddlers.

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    It's blamed that the main part of the mainstream media is no more worth-watching because some of the media houses are doing something else instead of journalism. Diverting the mind of people from the burning issues is the norm of the day for the media. The pulse of the nation is watching all their bunkum. People are no more interested in wasting their time with the mainstream media.
    All these allegations on media are true or not depends on how we see this issue.

    I think that responsible media is the fourth pillar of democracy always keeps national issues on top and core issues of the people on priority. It bridges between the government and the people. Problems of people which the government is not aware of are accentuated by media so that the government can find the solution of people's issues.

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    What if I would say that "media" or the so called the fourth pillar of democracy is bound to show or telecast only those which the end user found to be fond of. This is because the existence of or non-existence of the viewership will greatly impact their TRP in either ways and this will impact their financial status accordingly. So, in actual, the end customer is the trend setter here. If you believe that a certain type of broadcast is biased or not appropriate, then simply switch to other and if the majority of viewers will do the same then the organizers will set their priorities accordingly.

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    These days media is also divided based on their political affiliations. Every channel or newspaper is having its affiliation to one or the other political party. Every political party is having at least one channel or one paper to always defend the actions of the party. They praise their party's actions and always say that the other party's policies are bad. Some National channels are going a little head and trying to get funds from other countries. They keep everything aside and dance as per the tune created by the sponsoring country. The security of the nation is at danger with such media. That is why these days common man is not at all interested in these reports or news given by them.
    There are government channels which will report the actual happenings. They will not say this is good and that is bad. Really the media is under threat because of the selfish nature of the journalists and their affiliations to parties.

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    A positive and constructive media can do miracles in a democracy but a media which is only bothered for its ratings and earnings can misguide the public at large and damage the institution of democracy quickly. It is not media alone which is responsible for this. There are issues of governance, issues of nepotism, issues of leaderships, issues of taking advantage of gullible voters, issues of corruption, and the list is endless. So, all these deficiencies are interconnected and pulling down our nation from the path of progress and prosperity. Media is also happily contributing in this destructive campaign.
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    There is no doubt that there is a lot of change in the way the media works and the character. But how true and how wrong this change is, it is difficult to tell, earlier media did not get independence like today. But a lot has changed since independence. The press also got independence. As far as media freedom is concerned, more than one-third of the people in the world live in countries where the media is not free to decide its direction. However, this assessment does not seem directly reliable. Barring government organizations like Doordarshan and Akashwani, the government's dominance on any private channel does not remain to that extent. How to judge media freedom. The Constitution of India guarantees the right to expression under Article 19 (1) and freedom of the press is part of the same, so it is not discussed separately. Whether it is right or not to take control of the government out of its control.
    Swati Sharma

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