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    Will BJP win the upcoming elections in Bihar?

    Members what do you think, how likely is BJP to win this election? Considering the fact that there is a severe backlash going on against the ruling party, how likely are they to succeed in this endeaavour?
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    It is the fact that Bihar is going to elections with a different situation of pandemic spread across the state, and volatile political situation in the neighboring state. But that does mean the good work done by the Nitish Kumar government over the few years would go waste. The people of Bihar are happy with the administration and development is taking place like never before. And they know if the power is given to so called Maha Ghatbandhan, then the process of development would be stopped and curtailed. By the way there is no unity among the Congress led group that side as every time the grouping takes place during the elections and afterward there is no exchange of views and pleasantries between the parties and thus there every chance of JDU with BJP coming back to power with more seats this time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is difficult to predict this as no one can be sure of judging the mood of the voters and when they would turn their back to a particular party is also highly unpredictable. Still seeing that at present there is no alternative to the BJP, many people would be voting for them and they can win the election in the default mode. People are realising that out of all parties at least BJP was successful to implement some progressive things in the country.
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    We have to wait and see. Till the last moment, we don't know what will happen. The mood of the voters will be changing from time to time and all depends on the mind of voters on the day of the election.
    Telugu Desam Party( TDP) did very well in Andhra Pradesh. Many people are happy with the way the government functioned. In the elections, all thought TDP will win the election. But the results were different YSRCP came to power with a huge majority.
    Like this what will make the voter decide in favour or against one party is not known. BJP may be doing well or not. Congress is trying its best or not, will not matter much. The local leaders and the influence they have on the voters in their constituency will decide the outcome. MLAs election will depend more on the candidate and his influence on the voters in that area.
    Personally, I feel chances for JDU and BJP alliances are high and they may win majority seats.

    always confident

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    BJP is emerging as a viable alternative everywhere and in that wave there is all possibility that they might get success in Bihar also. People are seeing the BJP party in comparison to others and finding that they have some relatively better strength to execute the jobs. The implementation of GST, streamlining administration in Kashmir, national registry of voters, focusing for farmer issues, national educational policies, pension schemes, computerisation and ease of getting things done etc are some the examples that has impressed the public. I am not telling that BJP is the best party but what I want to indicate in todays situations that it is being seen as the only alternative and so it is getting a big advantage and winning everywhere. Tomorrow if some better party emerges bringing better governance and system people would incline to that also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The latest news is that the LJP which is led by Chirag Paswan was trying hard to have the alliance with the BJP and we know with JDU as the long trusted ally, BJP cannot take risk of one more ally and that would bring the ego problems. So by arriving at seat sharing arrangements with JDU the BJP has sent strong signals to LJP that it has to agree with the leadership of Nitish Kumar as next CM and there is no chance of any change in that decision. Having peeved by this, the LJP has parted ways and now want to contest elections much vigorously with rebels from the BJP party and that would bring them some seats in the coming elections.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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