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    If the problems persists then what would be your action list?

    Getting rid of problems would be our prime concern and for which we take remedial actions either through experience or through consulting others who were expert on the field. However some problems would not solve that easily and they persists for long time giving sleepless nights for us and we are unable to arrive at solving them. Then what would be your action plan for future as we cannot keep any problems for pending as it may aggravate further and give much botheration to our daily life planning. What are your action list then?
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    When a problem persists then there are many ways to address it but even then it could remain there because until and unless, the root cause is addressed, nothing would happen. The first thing is to find out whether we can look up to the problem in a different way so that new ways of tackling can be found. Next is to find out the main obstacle block that is the main force in keeping that problem alive. Is it the adamancy of a person or group or the system itself that the problem is not being materialised? Or there are some other social and environmental concerns. Only after going in these details, possible we can change our perspective about the problem and instead of solving it endlessly, go for a new scheme.
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    Sometimes problems cannot be solved due to adamant nature of the man and he would be seen as a fearless person. This may be either a land dispute or related to money given to him on good faith. Taking the help of the court to retrieve the issue would take a prolonged time and despite this the verdict may not be our favour.
    If the land issue arising as a result of encroachment is for a few decimals or the money lent is the minor amount, it would be better to leave the same since remaining under stress for a continuous period may affect your health involving additional expenditure.
    The best way to solve such problems is to approach some mediator knowing you and the other party and such an approach can yield dramatic results which you may not get through court proceedings.

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    Problems will be there always to all. Only thing is some problems will get solved very easily and some may take more time to solve it. But any problem should be understood completely and see where is the root cause and we should address that cause. There may be many routes to solving a problem. But we may not know all the routes. We can list out all the routes we know and the best method can be taken and tried. Even then we may be left with a failure. In such a case we should relook our approach and if necessary we have to make some changes and attempt again.
    It is always better to make a list of our problems and priorities them and start attempting one after another. If we are not able to solve one problem we should not get stuck here. We have to go forward and attempt other issue and solve them. Simultaneously we should continue working on the issues which are not completed successfully and see that there will be some progress on all the issues. We should keep any issue in the cold storage.

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    Problems sometimes a created problems wantonly. In my friend's house the younger brother have some aversion on his elder who was totally cared him till his marriage. Now he, the younger brother have a 12 years old child and he allowed this child to play with the mobile which he given to his wife. One day due to she busy with that phone, the child took the elder brother's phone and played some game. Suddenly the husband and wife created big problem as the elder brother only spoiled the child by giving mobile.

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