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    Why is astrology still not an exact science?

    The world is full of scientific concepts. Anything that has got to do with science has a perfect logic, that can be tested in real life. The entire world of technology also revolves around science. Behind every technology revolution, like for example the cell phone, there is always logic and science behind it.

    How is that after several years of research and several hundreds of thousands of hours spent on it, Astrology is still not a proven science? The anwers are complex. For example, no perfect astrologer has predicted what will happen to COVID-19 and when we can all be our formal and normal selves. When the masks will have no market at all. Some six months ago, numerous YouTube videos emerged in Tamil (am sure that the other language translations would have followed too) about an astrologer, who has Indian roots and is hardly 15 years old, talking about Coronavirus. Yes, the entire world had celebrated him for his near accurate prediction that the world is due for such a pandemic.

    However, all his other predictions have gone wrong. The virus is as strong as ever, claiming so many lives. There is no stopping it, and experts say that at least 12 months would be required to totally bid goodbye to it. Perhaps the variables involved in every situation are too complex and require analysis from various viewpoints which then takes us back to the question- what will astrology do and what it cannot do? Why is it not as yet, an exact science and when will it become one? If at all, that is?

    Let us discuss the answers from whatever knowledge is available.
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    Technology and Astrology are two different issues. Technology is real and Astrology is only a prediction for satisfaction. Astrology is a science to pacify the people. We may find the stars and planets movements accurately, but the effect of their movements on human beings or a group or a nation cannot be spelt out accurately. It is food for many astrologers under the cover of Astrology. We may believe the prophecy of the old like Nostradamus, but not any astrologers present in this world now. His prediction matches to some extent.

    The 15 year old Brahman boy said something and it matched. It is like 'As the crow sat, the palm fruit fell." It could be a coincidence. But his prediction about 29th May has gone wrong. It could be 29th May 2021, I presume. Another astrologer from Kerala said that a vaccine would be made available on 29th September 2020, and the name of the person inventing the vaccine would start with the word 'PHA'. Now the date is 5th October 2020. No Pha could be seen except Pharmacy.

    All nonsense astrology and astrologers.

    No life without Sun

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    Astrology is only a predictive way of telling the fate of the person and there is no concrete scientific evidence for it but as many people have faith and believe in it, the astrological calculations are still holding in the society.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Astrology is not a science which can be explained with some logic. I don't know whether we can call it a science. It is also not a technology which can be written down and used again and again. Astrology is purely a prediction based on the moment various planets and their placement at different timings. Again the positing of those planets in our chart also for individual life.
    Again this a faith. Some people will believe it and some people will not believe it. The accuracy of the prediction will depend on the knowledge the person who is predicting the issues. There are many books in Sanskrit written on this subject. If somebody can read and understand them properly, he may be able to predict the issues a little better. But such people are very rare these days.

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    Astrology predictions are done by assuming the changes in the planet positions that are governed by stars and for that the exact date, time and place of things happening must be rightly followed to make a perfect accurate predictions. When almanacs can be made and when the festivities can be before hand predicted, that proves our astrology and predictions are working in right directions. Just because a boy has faulted in predicting about corona spread and when it will end, the astrological science cannot be demeaned. Moreover the boy said that it will take November end to get rid of Corona and we hardly in October month. And for the last one week the case load across the country has decreased and it seems to be rightly said by the boy. So we should not criticize the astrology when we do not know about it properly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A part of astrology is still based on the astrologer's interpretation. This can suffer from defects or may be more accurate depending on the knowledge, experience, attitude and aptitude of the astrologer.
    While the casting of horoscope is almost uniform even if done by anyone who follows same system, it is only in the interpretation and thereby prediction that the difference occurs. It is this non-uniformity in inference and interpretation that makes astrology an imperfect science. That is why people have their own view about astrology- more influenced by their individual experience with one or more astrologer,.
    While many doctors, many weather forecasters also go wrong in their judgement and diagnosis or prediction, we do not call these as pseudo sciences.
    It need an elaborate monitoring and follow up to arrive at the percentage of aberration, failings or errors in astrology to say whether it is a proper science or not. It is the margin of errors that has to decide whether it is an exact science or not.

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    Astrology is a primitive technique of prediction. Today we have complex statiscal modelling and predictive analysis, which may fulfil the same role that astrology did years back. It can be considered as precursor to the modern science of astronomy and probability theory.

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    Presently many different forms of astrology have become popular. Now, less will be found in this knowledge and many who will get benefit from this knowledge, who do more to wander and intimidate people by showing arbitrary measures certainly the reputation of astrology has fallen. Many such films and serials have been made in which astrology or this science has been ridiculed. These things have led to a misconception among the common people about astrology. Religion has to suffer the most. Astrology and religion differ. When a person prays, it is part of religion and not astrology. How true truth is in predictions is difficult to know.

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    We can divide the whole knowledge available in this world in two broad parts. Part-I consists of scientific and technical based knowledge like Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Astronomy, Geology, Botany, Mathematics, Medical Science, Arts and literature, Subjects under Humanities etc. This part is based on scientific observations, experiments, and other activities and is not fool proof but quite explanatory in its explanations and understandings. It is still in the developing stage and new theories would come in future may be to replace the existing ones promulgating new ideas.

    Coming to Part-II, which always had intrigued the mankind, it consists of Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot card reading, Planchet, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Accupuncture, Reiki, Religious rituals and healing etc. These subjects do not have a sound scientific footing but are based on the observations and experiences of the ancient scholars who practiced them and asked people to do it. People who have faith and belief go for these things. These things may work or may not work and one cannot explain them with logic and rationality but can simply accept them as it is. So it is individual's faith, upbringing and other factors that decide whether one would go for it or not.

    Knowledge is power.

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