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    Take care, ego tantrums cannot take us too far

    Human relationships are too complex. Any person with giant-sized egos is often a hated person. There are many who think that they can get away with anything, once they have huge money in their hands. There is another lot who sort of confuse themselves with their official position. They tend to think that their non-official life can also be supplemented with the kind of authority that they enjoy( mostly wrongly) at office.

    The results are the same. A single downfall, like a death of a close relative or in the family itself, can be shattering. No one ever turns up, except the yes men to offer any solace. Some egoistic guys face a lot of humiliation when the times are not good. In an engineering conglomerate, one such fellow was transferred to another location, when complaints against him reached their climax. The Top Management took the drastic action. He was in a very serious position. The transfer was celebrated in full public view. People took vidoes of the same or photos of the celebration and put that in the intranet. Several years later, they were even seen on Facebook!!

    Such is the power of egos. Once we try to shed our egos and become humble, then the world speaks highly of us. The noted singer SPB is now celebrated as a very humble person. Ditto for Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and so on. Let us learn this simple fact -- ego tantrums do not take us anywhere.
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    True. People should remember us even after our death for the good deeds we did. Today we might have some money in our hand and that is making the people dance to your tunes. But the same people will never hear your words once you lost the money. The power is money you have but in you.
    When you are in power, people will oblige you and follow your instructions. Once you are out of power, the same people will not even smile at you. The secret is in your position but not in you.
    So the reality is we are human beings. Today your time is good, you are in a better position. Tomorrow we don't want happens. So thinking that your great and having ego is not a correct point. We should understand that all are equal here and start respecting all equally. once you leave your ego and start treating others politely but firmly, you will gain respect. People will understand your real mentality and they will talk high of you with other people. This is the fact of life.

    always confident

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    It is the fact that those who were trending with ego are no where now during this crisis. Those who had the big plans of making great assets, giving great foreign education to their children, planning a lavish style of living were all shattered with business fall and the entire gamut of being rich and the ego of being the richest person in the society has been shattered. Now the living gone much simple, and even the neighbors are well off and the state of affair of this so called rich ego family has gone from bad to worse. The same thing happened when the twin towers were attacked through terror and the investments which were forthcoming to the Hyderabad real estate builder has stopped and his entire dream project shattered to pieces. Today he is seen sipping a tea at the road side tea kiosk otherwise he would be shuttling between US and Hyderabad by his own craft.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ego is the biggest enemy of human life, it is considered as the biggest weakness inside human beings. If you and we are not aware, then we can allow this enemy within us to enter at once. If you and we want our life to be full of love and prosperity and that our home becomes heaven, then we must eliminate this arrogant enemy. This ego is such a big enemy of yours that sometimes you harm yourself. Therefore, no man should ever have the arrogance of anything in life, or else the ego inside you will take you and one day you will not be worth anything.

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    Ego is the worst part of human characteristics. It is one of the biggest enemies of human nature. Indeed, an egoistic person falls towards the down with the passing time. The chances of success in life are very less for an egoistic person. A person who has this kind of behaviour never live a happy and peaceful life. Ego makes people arrogant and such people can not make difference between right and wrong.
    Ego is temporary and can't be with anybody forever. Until we are in power and position till then ego is with you. Once the position goes, automatically ego will end. So, people should be mature in all respect whether have money or not.

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    Look at how politicians fight among themselves. Everything is based on ego. The late Jayalalitha, the imperious leader of the AIADMK, which is easily the most corrupted party in India, had an ego that was so harmful. Every single but superb scheme of the DMK was destroyed by this highly corrupted lady. Today, her dear friend, the worst cunning and shameless woman in India, called Sasikala, wants to come back from prison and rule the party!!

    Such is the power of the ego. Sasikala has over 180000 crores of black money and many politicians are after this tainted money. God save this State and the nation.

    As common human beings, we can at least throw away or minimize our egos.

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    Many successful people in business and politics have good amount of ego and that is why people do not like them. Who will tolerate their arrogant and offending behaviour? At the same time there are many successful people who are down to the Earth and get good reputation and respect in the society as well as in their work circle. These are the people on which we can harp upon and believe that they would be working for the betterment of humanity at large. These are the real people on which we must feel proud and should have faith on their activities.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In politics reversal policies of previous regime are bound to happen out of convenience or vengeance and for that every party has to be prepared to stop the happening with their best reasoning. If AIADMK was accused of being so ruthless in changing evey policies and programs of DMK govt regime, the later also done the same and even put lots of cases on her way of government and even involving in her personal life. For that matter both AIADMK and DMK are the branches of same tree coined out of Dravidian politics and they have the vengeance attitude in each one of them and voters know about it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think Mohan Sir is out of Tamil Nadu for so many years. The DMK will spend Rs.10 out of public money. They will swallow Rs.5 and really spend the rest of the five. Today, their own party say that their ministers swindle Rs.7 out of every Rs.10 of public money.

    The AIADMK is by far, the worst party in India. This has been proved in many surveys. The CM wants to implement the Salem to Chennai project only because his own relatives can make tonnes of black money through the contracts. It is all there in the public domain.

    At least, Dr. Kalaignar, as he is often referred to, that is, Mr. Karunanidhi brought IT to Tamil Nadu. Today, an estimated 8 lakh people in Chennai alone survive only because of IT., But direct and indirect employment. His record of working for increased enrolment in elementary education was fabulous. Yes, he was corrupt, But Jayalalitha, the worst corrupted and arrogant woman of Tamil Nadu, was one lakh times more corrupt than Karunanidhi.

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