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    How to accommodate close relatives during pandemic for a few days in our house?

    During the corona pandemic, people are avoiding to visit each other's house. It sometimes so happens that one has to go out to some other place and then stay in one's relatives house for 2-3 days to complete the task and go back to one's place. This is not very common and only in some emergency a person would resort to such visits. Being a housewife I want to ask the opinion of the members that in such a situation what should be the precautions we have to take to accommodate the close relative(s) for a short span in our house.
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    This is the tricky question which needs to be addressed with lots of care and even one small wrong move would become the sour relation factor in the long run. It is the fact that during these days none are allowing others to stay even for one night owing to the pandemic spread and we cannot take risk to our family and children. However at the same time we have to accommodate our relatives out of compulsion to which we must be very strict with some rules. Firstly they must be stay put in the room and should not roam along the entire house. Avoid close bonding with the children and elders at the home. And let them use the separate entrance and exit for the purpose as long as they stay though the food and beverages would be given. If such conditions are put, they would feel that they should leave immediately.
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    It is better to avoid as far as possible. If there are children in your house, you can tell, sorry, the other person without any second opinion.
    But sometimes, we may have to accommodate. Those times we have to take all the required precautions and see that all are safe. If you aware of the person and he is also following all the precautions, we may accommodate him.
    After he left, the room he used, the toilets he used should be disinfected and cleaned properly. The bedsheets and pillows used by him should not be used without washing them. It is better the room also thoroughly cleaned by him. You should not allow your family members into that room as long he is staying there and after he left. after cleaning only that room should be used by our family members.

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    In the current scenario, such a request should no be entertained but then it also depends upon the type of relationship you have with the coming guest. If someone close from the family is coming, there is no point in saying "No" to him or her but then you need to take lots of precautions. If you have a separate room, make it for the guest to stay with separate drinking water arrangements. When he comes from outside, ask him to change clothes and take bath immediately. Once he leaves, either do not use that room for at least one full day or clean us the full room wearing a mask. Do not be lenient considering that he does not have a fever or any other symptoms because as per the reports India has a big population of nonsymptomatic positive people.

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    We can avoid distant relatives by saying 'Sorry, No due to Corona." But we cannot avoid very close relatives coming to our home for some purpose. Also, we should have a separate room for them. We will have to treat them like our own family members and accommodate them after ensuring that they are not carrying Corona to our home. If we don't have a separate room for the guests, we can politely say, "Sorry, No room to spare for quarantine." While at home, we should tell them to follow all the safety precautions and conduct safely. Leave it to destiny.
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    Create an appropriate isolation zone for the said folks. Improve the sanitation in the area. Make sure your contact with the above said is minimal. Do not touch their clothes nor eat what they've touched. Practice untouchability as much as you can. I agree it is inhuman but in the given circumstances it's the best option to save yourselves and your loved ones ie: relatives. The other alternative say " No ".

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    I think our first choice should be to discourage them for coming. In most of the cases it would be a single person who is coming for some urgent work in some office or company and cannot delay it. What we can suggest is instead of travelling here and there he should find out a good place nearby to the office where he has work and stay there only for 1-2 days. That would be safer for him and as well for us. If he does not accept the suggestion and wants to come to our house only then it is the fait accompli and we have to accept him. Being a close relative it becomes difficult to educate him further.
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