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    Little hard work, anything can click

    We should not loose hopes on things which is not getting done through our work. Probably we are little short of achieving the target and we get disheartened by facing the negative vibes that the targeted thing would not happen. But a little more hard work in a planned way should bring the success as expected. A dog was trying to scale the wall to reach other side and every attempt was almost successful but scale down. This time the dog takes few back steps and jumps with much more courage and that little hard work and thinking has really helped it to scale the wall for sure.
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    We were taught this lesson in childhood with an example of ants. It is a phrase in Sanskrit/ Bhagwad Geeta- "Karmanye vadhika raste, maa phaleshu kadaachana". So we should focus on what we are doing and never get disheartened with few failures. Consistent efforts always give positive results but then we need to focus on our work and not focus on the results.

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    @ Padmini Consistent efforts with little hard work can certainly bring the success for sure and thanks for sharing the sloka.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Failures may be there. But we should not think that it is the end of the road. The road you are going might have ended there but there may be another road which will take you to the destination. You have to put a little extra work to find that road. Once you are able to locate that road, you are free. This what I understand with the experience I gained in my life so far.
    I cleared all my Ist and 2nd-year examinations in my B. Sc. But I couldn't attend one final year paper due to severe fever. The rule was that if you are not clearing all the examinations in one go in your final year you will not be given class and the certificate will show compartmental pass only. That candidate will not be eligible to apply for higher studies. Then I approached the university. If I cancel my final year result and attend all the final year papers again and pass, the class will be given and I can apply for further studies. I followed that. I cancelled the result of my final year and attended all the examinations in the next chance. I was successful and passed with first class and I got a seat in M.Sc.

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    The author is right that if a person will work hard then it can achieve anything, but if you are full of laziness then you cannot achieve anything. There are many examples before us which prove that if you do any work from the heart, you definitely get the positive result of it. There is no such thing that cannot be successful by hard work. No work in the world is difficult for men who are strong pledges. Some people give more importance to luck than toil. Such people depend only on luck. They live life by luck, they understand that we will get what is in our destiny. They think it is futile to work, but in any way, hard work always wins.
    Swati Sharma

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    If a person works hard. Everything is achieveable. Only that the said person's hard work is validated and not prone to errors on a cosmic scale. It is not that failures and rejection will not be there, but if you're consistent then hard work will get you where you want to be. No matter what. Also it must be kept in point that the end goal should really be beneficial for the whole and not part. Hope this solves your query.

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