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    Can we ever have a society where there is no caste?

    Caste. This is one subject that interests hundreds of sociologists. There are numerous explanations about how it works, what it does to the inequalities, and so on. For example, at least from whatever we learn from our history books, a carpenter had to compulsorily train his son only to become another carpenter. He cannot become an engineer or doctor.

    The same histroy has it that several social reformers like Narayana Guru from Kerala, EVR Periyar from Tamil Nadu and a few others from the rest of India, drawing inspiration from the likes of Dr.Ambedkar, have fought against this sort of injustice meated out to the so-called backward classes.

    The movement in Tamil Nadu took a sharp turn when Mr. Karunanidhi became Chief Minister. A big revolution happened in elementary and higher education. MGR closely followed in the same footsteps and the educated class, cutting across all castes is today very powerful. Still, castes remain what they are. Inter-caste marriages are somewhat common, but the people of different castes do have their own strong feeling about rituals and customs of their own castes. They really do not seem to have a great feeling for the so-called "most backward" or the SC or ST caste people.

    The question is: will caste remain what it is, even one hundred years from now, when a total technological reolution will rule our lives?
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    Yes there are chances to have caste free society when the beginning is done from each home. That names should not carry the caste tag. The street should not be after a caste. For example in Telugu states the Reddy's dominance in politics and power we more always and they are also into powerful business since many years. Their name ends with the tag line of their caste. And there is a place called AnnI Reddy Gudem, where in all the residents are from the same caste. Likewise where ever there are big temples, the four streets are filled with Brahmin caste and none else. Likewise the concentration of particular caste has penetrated deep in certain areas and it is difficult to get rid of them because they own lands and buildings there. So across India this grouping caste has taken the society for ride and they are dominating.
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    Yes, it will vanish the day when using 'caste' does not fetch any benefit at all- either this way or that way. It will vanish the day no forms and papers contain the column 'caste'. It will vanish the day when the favourable discrimination based on caste lines also stops and politicians get some other better subject to exploit people for votes and vote banks.
    The irony and unfortunate is that the feeling of caste difference was almost vanishing from people's minds. But it is the vested interests that benefitted from using that word to their benefit that brought it back with re-in forced vigour.

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    How we can expect this? One side there are reservations based on caste for studies and jobs. There are reservations for MP/ MLA seat based on the caste. For every government job application, it is mandatory to mention our caste and religion. So where is the chance that we forget our caste? They say you are OBC, you will not get this job. They say you are an ST, you are eligible for this post. Like this, the government will be reminding us of our caste and the necessity of the caste always.
    A common man is not interested in the caste of his neighbour. But politicians never like this situation. They want people to get divide on some basis and they found that caste is the best for that. So it is very difficult in India for the people to forget about the caste and there should be a change in the political situation and the politicians should stop using this as a tool for their benefit. Then only we can expect a society without any caste.

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    Education and giving equitable power to each section of the society is the only way forward. Unless we do that we will not be able to remove this discrimination. Let each member of the society prove it's own worth by working hard. That is crucial and very important for the future of all countries especially India.

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    It is somewhat difficult to follow practically. We many people depend upon the caste certificate to enjoy the benefits such as reservation etc. Even in school, college admission,job applications the caste certificate is played a vital role to get the benefit of reservation, age relaxation etc., So it is very difficult.

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    No is the answer. It is there in our minds. Leave alone reservation policy, filling up of applications and all those formalities. Aren't we influenced and guided otherwise by this system which we speak against? I think so. I don't think we have to go out and spread a net outside ISC to know how people consider caste to be so important. I can cite examples where some of our members have glorified Brahmins and some have expressed anxiety and dejection of belonging to a lower caste. To raise threads or to speak against the caste system is not that difficult but to practice the same is indeed tough, rather impracticable. So, that says it all. Even when we speak of unity and become vociferous against discrimination based on caste, creed or colour, we all, most of us, do, within our hearts entertain that discrimination. We may not be against any caste particularly but we do have that feeling which I don't think can be eradicated. Practices and expressions may be banned by law but the inherent feelings and egos cannot be. This thought gains importance because as on date, I feel, we are all equals. So where has it gone wrong? Within our minds. And that is the precise and prudent answer.
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    By law we all are equal but practically we are not. It's the family that introduces a child to his caste and this caste introduction can never be uprooted. However, if using caste tag with one's name is declared as punishable act probably, caste system can be weakened considerably. And fear of punishment will erode caste system gradually till it's utterly eliminated.

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    Arafatuzzafar, the point is not of being born into a caste or being brought up with that tag, it is the ego that we nurture that creates all the problems. What is wrong if I say that I am from such and such caste or if someone else says so? If you can say that you are an Indian or that you belong to a particular state or a place and feel proud to be so, you can very well say that you belong to a particular caste and be proud about that factor too. The problem starts when we start calculating the hierarchy as to who is on top. We must remember that the hierarchy starting with Brahmins and moving on to Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra, among Hindus, was based on their occupation. It carried on and we are still into it. Though we might not find similar fragments among Christians or Muslims or other religions (across the world), let me assert that it is very much prevalent in those groups too.

    And your idea to prevent it by law is nothing but Utopian. Given the political situation in India and also the basic mindset of our people, it would never be possible. So, caste, colour, creed, language and such differences will stay but what we need to think about is whether they should be allowed to smoothly continue as differences only or should there be discrimination on those grounds.

    My response above at #711777 is, I think, clear about the basic mindset of our people.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Caste system was created by some influential people to run the society and at that time it was very successful as people accepted their caste as a matter of destiny and did only those jobs which were prescribed for them at that time. So there was no agitation or complaint against that. The problem started when education and modernisation became available to all the people and then these low caste people suddenly realised that they were oppressed for centuries by the so called higher class. The similar pattern was there in the western and middle east societies where slaves were kept by rich and high caste people. So there was an agitation and the Governments of many countries started to benefit these poor and backward class people and to some extent their condition started to improve. Slowly they would be at par with the others. But the problem is that there is a corner in our mind where these distinctions are sitting firmly and people are very adamant about their caste and feel proud in it. So, the conflict and confrontation would remain there even though the financial status might become equal. So, I do not perceive any automatic caste abolition from this world in general and from our country in particular.
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