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    Everything in life is 'Cause and effect' relationship.

    We must accept this fact that whatever happens in our life is based on 'Cause and Effect' relationship and nothing else. All our joys and miseries, happiness and sadness, success and failures are the result of our own actions.

    Many times, when we are in doubt or problem or face failure we many times blame others or look for reasons that only act as a consolation. On the contrary, in low situations we must step back and do a little introspection of our deeds, thinking and the consequent actions. This introspection may uncover a lot about ourselves and our weakness no matter at what stage of life we are.

    What we sow is what we reap and what how we think is how we act. Some extraordinary situations may seem out of the context but mostly all the happenings in our life are based on 'Cause and Effect' relationship.

    What opinion members hold to this?
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    There will be a reason for every happening. That is correct. If we know the reason which caused the problem and if we can eliminate that reason, the effect will be not there. The cause and effect diagram is one technic used in many organisation to understand the reason for the problem. If something went wrong if we don't take it seriously and brush it aside saying that somebody else is the reason, we may be free for that time. But again the same problem may crop up and we can't say every time that somebody else is the culprit. We should understand the problem and take necessary actions from our side the problem will get solved. A thorough analysis is required and introspection is also a part of it.
    Pointing out the mistakes is easy. But which cause has effected this is to be understood. Otherwise, we will be always at the receiving end. This fact should be understood by all of us and should behave accordingly. But there are people who always try to save their skins by throwing the blame on somebody. In such cases, the organisations will suffer a lot.

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    Rather I would a say a major chunk of our life is based on causal interactions, which form the necessary basis for the foundation of pur life as we know it. However the fundamental laws the reality and it's nature may not be entirely causal, there are some evidence to this especially in the field theories of quantum mechanics. True what we sow is what we reap this too is built on a fundamental law. We need to understand this clear enough to lead a healthy and successful life.

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    Every action or event results in other event or action and this is the chain of events that defines or characterises one's journey of life. As events are related to each other there is a linkage from one event to other and though there are options at the junction point, once an action is achieved the junction point proceeds ahead to a new locate where new options are created for taking a decision and going ahead. The flow of life through these chains of actions is sometimes called as fate or destiny also though some people believe that there is nothing like that and it is the option only which decides the latter course of life. So, life is nothing but a series of actions where at each step or junction point one has to take a conscious decision and the further journey ahead would be based on the results after each such element.
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    Nicely said by the author. Cause and effects play important roles in our daily life and we have to trend with them in a guarded way. If the causes are dangerous and not suited to our way of life, better we should be away from it. And effects are always felt when we experience the after effects. We are greatly influenced by the works and suggestions of the others and without verifying the facts we simply tend to follow them either their causes and feel awkward after the ill effects. One thing is sure, not all the causes are bad and effects would be wrong, we have to chose the best way of life and the causes would be promoting us to select but we have to decide our actions. Some causes may be very good and it would targeted to help others, in that case we need not seek second opinion from our inner heart.
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    The nature of life is that there is a reason behind everything, although it is also true that when something bad happens then it will be difficult for a person to think that what happened is good and maybe that reason is not understood at that time but after some time we realize ourselves that we were good at what happened. There are many such incidents in the world that are not under human control, and that too teaches us some or the other.

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