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    Pay a labourer his wages before his perspiration dries

    We need to pay a labourer his wages before his perspiration dries. Generally, I have found that people do not pay full wages on time. People always try to reduce wages as much as possible and then pay after someday. They want to check the work done by the labourer and if found ok then they pay the wages to the labourer. But it is not a good habit.

    Do you have a habit to pay labour his wages on time? Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that wages must be paid on time, as it increases the morale of the worker. It induces in it a sense of security and implores it to work harder. A healthy working environment is very much a necessity for a capable labourer to put in it's very best thus improving the overall profitability of the project.

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    The labourers are in a state of confusion seeing the vast retrenchment of the casual labourers from the different companies and such events have shaken their confidence so much so that that they always make queries regarding their unpaid payments. Any delay in relation to their payments would make them unrest and this can be resolved only through the timely payment system of the employers. Once they see that such a system of payment exists in their companies, they will have the better confidence towards the culture of the companies. Moreover, there will be the restoration of their faith with the companies where they are engaged day and night.

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    There are 2 different categories in both the cases- labourers and their clients. There are many people paying the labourers on time and on another hand, there are labourers extending their work schedule unnecessarily after getting some advance payments. They believe that after paying some money, the client will not go for any other labourer. So people should be honest in both the cases.

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